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The Royal Family Shares New Photos Of Prince George For His 7th Birthday

We love a royal birthday!

Not only is it fun to celebrate the royal family on their special days, but these special days usually come with some brand new photographs shared to their social media pages, and we love to see them smiling and happy.

This goes double for when it's one of the youngest and cutest members of the family!

Prince George has always been an adorable kid.

The future King has always been really cute, and it doesn't hurt that he looks more and more like his dad, Prince William, with every passing year.

Prince William looks more and more like his dad with every passing year, too, so we know those royal genes are pretty strong!

George was born on July 22nd, 2013, which makes him 7 this year!

Instagram | @kensingtonroyal

How has the time just flown by?!

To celebrate his 7th birthday, the Kensington Royal Instagram page shared two adorable new photos of the birthday boy, where he looks more like Will than ever!

"Thank you everyone for your very kind wishes on Prince George’s birthday today!"

Instagram | @kensingtonroyal

They also revealed that the photographs had been taken by The Duchess herself, Kate Middleton!

I don't know if my mom ever took photos this good of me when I was seven, but Kate did such a great job!

Fans of the family obviously took the opportunity to leave birthday messages for the young prince.

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"Happy Birthday Prince George, you are a big boy now. We are proud of your beautiful and sweet family!" read one comment, while another said, "you have grown up so fast!

Happy birthday, Prince George!