Quotes For When Being Late Is Your Natural State

I am not a naturally late person. In fact, I am so habitually early to places that I often spend time sitting in the car with a book to wait for the time I'm actually supposed to arrive.

This punctuality is an inclination I inherited from my father, which he then molded into a firm habit that I simply cannot shake even into adulthood.

Meanwhile, my mother is the *exact* opposite.


I couldn't tell you how many times I've been late for an event or a class because Mum needed to "pop into" the drug store for a minute to get something.

If she was driving me and my friends somewhere, I'd warn them, but they never believed me.


Until we were thirty minutes into waiting for her to finish browsing and I was nose-deep in a novel.

Seriously, if there was a silver lining, it's that I got a lot of reading done.

I do try my best not to judge her too harshly for the bad habit.


I mean, Mum has tried to get better with it, like agreeing to run her extra errands after the actual reason for the outing, but her internal clock is clearly running super slowly.

The family has also found ways to mitigate the worst of the tardiness.

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Such as always planning to "be out the door" a good half hour before it is actually necessary. That usually works pretty well.

However, changing the clocks to be ten minutes fast did not work and thus, I don't recommend it as a hack for curing lateness. She knew the clock was fast and it actually made her later to things as she failed to compensate properly.

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