Target Has A New Lineup Of Family And Group Costumes That Include Pets

It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes, especially group Halloween costumes! Sometimes it can seriously take months to not only decide, but also gather all the materials and then make them.

Target is here to help make your decision a whole lot easier with their new 2020 group costumes lineup, and they even include your pooch!

Target is back with a fire lineup of group and family Halloween costumes that will get you really excited to celebrate this year.


They have a host of both unique and classic costume collections that include everyone in the fam, even pets.

Their family robot collection includes 10 different costumes, include one for pets, two for adults, and seven for babies, toddlers, kids, two of them being adaptive.

They also have a family monster collection, which is a classic Halloween look.


The collection includes three adult costumes to choose from, four toddler and kid costumes, and one mummy dog costume.

The costumes range from $12.99 to $30, depending on the age range.


If you can't find anyone else who is willing to be a monster or robot with you or you just want one for your pet, there's nothing stopping you from purchasing a solo costume!

They're all sold separately.

Of course, Target has a host of other fun group and family costumes that make it a *liiiiittle* difficult to decide.


Head to their website to see the full costume collection and get your pre-order in before they officially launch on August 27.

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