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Cake Artist Creates Stunning Designs That Are Made To Look Like They're Beaded

I've said it about 10 times and I'll say it again: we eat with our eyes first. If you think you're one of those people who could eat anything set before them no matter what it looks like, think again. There's a reason why restaurants decorate plates with wedges of lemon and little florets of parsley when they're not needed at all. It's a decoration, a garnish, and it makes your plate pop with some much-needed to color to welcome your face into the plate of food.

But sometimes you come across something so stunning that you can't imagine digging in at all—you wouldn't do anything but eat with your eyes only, and that's exactly the case with these beaded cakes.

Can you believe cake artist Siân-Amy Pettit is a self-taught baker?

Instagran | @thepetitepudding

While the Columbus, Ohio-based mother and baker is pretty well-versed in a ton of tasty baked goods and cake designs, she's definitely made her pointillism-style cakes her specialty.

She uses the dotting method from pointillism art to create intricate beadwork-inspired designs.

Instagran | @thepetitepudding

She's pretty adventurous with her designs, as well.

Imagine the patience that goes into making sure every sprinkle is placed in the perfect place to create both the color scheme and the pattern.

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This is either highly meditative or highly stressful, but I'm going to guess for Siân-Amy, it's the former.

It's definitely not difficult to be impressed by these cake designs

Instagran | @thepetitepudding

Make sure you check out her Instagram for even more jaw-dropping pointillism cake designs!

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