10+ Creative Chicken Coops People Actually Built

Chicken coops: the surprisingly adorable place where chicken owners can get crazy creative.

Some owners choose to go classic with their coops, while others? Well, they build their chickens tiny mansions. And honestly, I can't sit here and tell you those chickens don't deserve it.

Okay, let's kick things off with something familiar.

That classic red farmhouse aesthetic is a staple of our cultural understanding of farms. This chicken coop embraces that idea on a tiny level, and it is absolutely adorable.

Chicken playground? I think yes.

The rustic look. The slatted roof. The branches for them to jump and play on! This chicken coop is as fun as it is charming. It's like a park for chickens!

It's bigger on the inside.

Imgur | Crandillo

Hopefully there's a Whovian reading this who understands that reference.

Given that there's no St. John's ambulance sticker on the right panel, I'm gonna say this is a TARDIS fashioned after the 9th & 10th Doctor's TARDIS. Yes, I did have a Doctor Who phase, why do you ask?

I want to believe.

Imgur | Crandillo

Let's just keep the sci-fi geek thing going with this UFO chicken coop. Not even Scully could doubt the validity of this outer space poultry house. The eggs are out there.

Hang on, I have one more nerd coop to show you.

Imgur | Crandillo

I mean, right? Aren't you glad I nerded out long enough to find a Hobbit house chicken coop? I know I sure am. I wonder if the chickens get second breakfast?

Alright, let's get a little modern with this next one.

This one looks like an old-fashioned aviation hanger to me. It's very midcentury in the whole design aesthetic. Honestly, this is what my chicken coop would look like if I didn't live in an apartment and had any interest in having chickens.

Sure, why not.

Imgur | Crandillo

I mean, if you have an old car laying around, may as well turn it into a chicken coop. I personally would have turned it into the Ectomobile from Ghostbusters, but I guess we can't all be huge dorks.

Desert chic.

This coop is EVERYTHING. It's a tiny chicken hotel named The Chick Inn! Get it? Get it? It's cute!

The coop is impressive, but let's be honest: I'm all about that sunset. Those chickens have a damn good view.

This is a chicken apartment block.

Like, sure. Build one coop. OR build a whole neighborhood of them and let all the chickens hang out together during the day. I know which option I'd go with.

This mobile home isn't going anywhere.

Imgur | Crandillo

But it sure does look good! I love the carefully crafted lines and retro-style paint they went with for this chicken coop. It's the perfect blend of modern and nostalgia.

This coop reminds me of something...

Don't worry, the owners purposefully made this look like an outhouse. Can you imagine if they had no idea? That's a disaster waiting to happen.

But why?

Imgur | Crandillo

I mean, do whatever you want with your chicken coop. I just have to wonder why someone chose to make one underneath a trampoline? What was the motive here? Maybe I'm upset because I can't jump on that trampoline. That's probably it.

This chicken coop is fit for royalty.

Imgur | Crandillo

I mean, the life those chickens must lead! They have an entire tower to hang out in! That chicken coop is bigger than my childhood bedroom, tbh.

Party of two.

The Dew Drop Inn: where absolutely gigantic chickens go to sleep. I mean seriously: look how big that chicken is behind the front chicken. That thing is bigger than my cat.

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