11+ Helpful Products To Make The Kitchen A Stress-Free Zone

Kitchen products are a funny thing. I feel like most people have a collection of tools they've assembled over the years from various hand-me-downs, gifts, and impulse buys. But how many of those products are actually helping you out in the kitchen?

Here are a few products that you probably don't have in your kitchen right now but should buy ASAP. They'll make all the difference.

I feel like we all need some silicone stretch lids for our leftovers.

The Grommet

Tupperware? Never heard of it. Unnecessary. Irrelevant. The new hotness: silicone stretch lids that will go over any container you put your food in. I want to try these ASAP.

This julienne slicer will keep your fingers safe.

The Grommet

Excuse me while I send this to my mom, who has no concept of keeping her fingers safe while cooking. It has a handguard and non-slip feet, as well as five different blades to slice veggies in three thicknesses.

The GOAT cleaning product: microfiber cloths.


Anyone who has these knows that they're so friggin' versatile. Clean up spills, dust, dry dishes — there's nothing you can't do with these things. Let them replace your paper towels for most spills!

A burger patty maker.

The Grommet

Because making perfect burgers is the goal, but making perfect stuffed burgers? That's the dream. And I want to eat one.

Get this amazing 3-in-1 burger patty maker from The Grommet.

This lettuce cutter bowl is gonna cut your prep annoyance in half.


Also your prep time, but I honestly find chopping salad deeply annoying. Chop your lettuce, flip the whole unit upside-down, then rinse right there in the bowl! Get it here.

These adjustable storage containers.

The Grommet

I can't believe I haven't seen one of these before, but here we are. These adjustable storage containers can change height to accommodate any food or storage space. Neat!

The hilarious Rollie.


The Rollie is the enemy of professional chefs, including some at the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen. But we're not professional chefs, we're just people trying to make omelettes with as little effort as possible. So, why not try out the Rollie?

This strainer will save you from burning your hands.


Cut the whole middleman out of the straining equation and stick this bad boy right on the side of your pot. Then strain your water out of your pasta and get ready to feast!

This cutting board has a BUILT IN CRUMB CATCHER.

The Grommet

I KNOW! I can't believe how genius that is, either. Made of acacia wood, this amazing bread board has a removable top that allows it to serve two purposes: as a cutting board (duh), and also as serving trays.

The Frywall.


Sure, you could use a splatter guard, but that will cut down your access to the food you're cooking. The Frywall is made of food-safe silicone and lets you keep things going while you poke at that steak!

An actual whisk cleaner.


It's silicone, it's bendy, and it fits perfectly over the handle of your whisk. Push it up and watch all that gunk disappear! I mean, you could stick it under the faucet, too, but this looks way more fun.

Everyone needs an herb and kale trimmer.

The Grommet

I need an herb trimmer for sure, but pardon me if I skip out on the kale. I can't stand the stuff! ANYWAY, this kale razor/herb stripper will cut your prep time in half.

Taco holders.


Some of us like our tacos a little messy, but others like to have a stand. For those of you that do, try one of these adorable taco stands. These would be great for kids!

These pork shredder claws.

The Grommet

I mean, do I even need to explain why these are necessary? You get to pretend to be Wolverine while you shred meat. What more could you want?

Organize your coffee pods once and for all.


If you feel like you're drowning under the weight of your coffee pod collection, you need this drawer. It's sturdy enough to support your coffee machine on top and will keep all your pods nicely organized. You can even arrange them in order from light to dark roast!