You Can Get Hop-Infused Sparkling Water That Makes Vodka Waters Refreshingly Unique

When we hear of hops, our minds most likely go straight to citrusy and bright IPA beers. However, you can apparently do a lot with hops that have nothing to with beer at all.

That's exactly what Vyne is here to prove.

In the thick of the low-calorie seltzer movement, Vyne is here to add some much-needed uniqueness.

Courtesy of Vyne

The sparkling beverage is made with hops, and each of their flavors highlights their three flavor profiles: citrus, floral, and herbal.

Each 355-ml can is beautifully decorated in bright colors that reflect the different flavors.

Courtesy of Vyne

They contain zero calories and zero sugar, and are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

It's a great alternative to plain sparkling sodas or flat flavored water mixers, and is still flavorful and refreshing.

The cans may be non-alcoholic, but that makes them super versatile.

Courtesy of Vyne

These would perfectly complement the botanical flavors of gin, and add a unique brightness to vodka sodas.

For non-drinkers, this is also a great alternative to non-alcoholic beers on the market if you still want to get that hoppy kick.

This product is only available in Canada at the moment, which is great news for Canadians.

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You can find the four-packs of each flavor at Sobeys grocery stores or on Amazon for easy shopping.

Now to think about all the cocktails to make with these...

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