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UPS Driver Makes Special Delivery For Kid Who Wasn't Getting Any Packages

Delivery drivers hold a special place in our lives, and it's not always the best. I mean, you do remember the packages that arrive all beat up and crushed beyond all recognition, don't you?

But delivery drivers have become something of a lifeline in recent months, and many of us have gained a new appreciation for their dedication and all the parcels that do arrive unscathed and on schedule.

One neighborhood's delivery driver earned some kudos recently for going the extra mile for one boy on his route.

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As KABC-TV reported, Brooke Walbuck's family is especially thankful to have Hector Velasco delivering their packages for UPS as he came through for her son, Langston.

For some time, Langston would stand out on his family's balcony, watching as Hector went about his business delivering packages and noticed that Hector never dropped one off for him.

Langston went so far as to approach a neighbor getting a package dropped off.

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Hector was struck by the boy's forthrightness and resolved to do something about it.

"I came right up to your neighbors and he's like 'I want one too!' I felt like I couldn't do anything at the time, but I'm like you know what, let me see if I can try to bright his day, you know what I mean," he told KABC-TV.

So Hector let Langston's parents, Brooke and Sam, in on his plan to drop something off for their son.

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"Hi, this is Hector, your UPS driver. [I've] seen your son plenty of times on the balcony and he seems very sad [that] he doesn't get any packages," he wrote in a note. "I told him 'don't worry, maybe next time.' So, anyway, I've bought something and put it in a box. Just wanted to know his name so I can put it on the box," he continued, adding his phone number so they could contact him.

As soon as he could put something together, Hector did indeed make a delivery just for Langston.

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"The world didn't give my wife and I any boys... gave us two beautiful girls... Your son taught me a lesson that it's not only my kids going through this pandemic," Hector later said, explaining why he wanted to do something for Langston.

"You do your best to show them you're not alone, we're all here together."

Inside the package? Candy and toy cars.

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"It made me feel special," Langston said.

"It's been a really meaningful, special message to many of our friends and family right now. So it means a lot," Brooke told KABC-TV.

Brooke was so impressed that she got pics and videos and posted them on Facebook.

Facebook | Brooke Walbuck

"Humanity is a pretty amazing thing," she wrote. "Our UPS driver, Hector, made a huge impact on our family today with a gesture we will never forget."

"For him to be that busy and still be that thoughtful, it just says a lot, for him as a person and as a dad," Sam added to KABC-TV.

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