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15+ Powerful Photos That Meant So Much To People

A well-timed photo can capture incredible things — from important historical events to stuff of personal significance to the kinds of actions that give you hope.

So let's delve into these pics! They'll make you smile. Some might make you cry. In any case, these photos are meaningful.

A good Samaritan.

Reddit | Pxlkit

How many of us check the area underneath our vehicle for baby animals? The person who wrote this note just saved this driver a very unpleasant experience.

Doing them a solid.

Reddit | greenplanefilms

If you've ever had a car break down on a busy highway, you know how stressful the situation can be. Apparently this guy not only fixed the belt on this car, he wouldn't even accept payment for his good deed.

Special treatment.

Reddit | tlj448607

"Told my step-dad I prefer the orange jelly beans, this morning I came in to him sorting them into a jar for me," wrote the person who posted this adorable photo.

A little company.

Reddit | KnownStuff

This guy's mom was slowly dying in a hospital, and wasn't allowed to see any visitors. Every night, her son climbed up into this window nook to spend some time with her.

Every day counts.

Reddit | Bmchris44

Depression can have a way of taking over your life, and making the smallest things — like going outside — feel like climbing a mountain. Once you're able to see through the fog, life feels all the more beautiful.

Quick thinking.

Reddit | letsagochamp

The driver of this car left their sunroof open during a thunderstorm. Some random stranger decided to sacrifice their umbrella, all to keep the car's interior from getting ruined.

Before and after.

Reddit | 1thepapa

These two photos show the wife of the guy who posted this. They show her expression before and after her husband said he loved her. Just look at that beaming smile!

A royally awesome letter.

Reddit | ThatDapperMosquito

This kid kindly made a customized word search and sent it to Queen Elizabeth II. Imagine his surprise and excitement when the Queen herself replied on Windsor Castle stationery!

Toad of Toad Hall.

Reddit | Bmchris44

Wildlife finds refuge in all kinds of our stuff, from our homes to our shoes. It's nice to see people kind enough to abandon their shoes just so toads like Jabba can have a summer home.

Together with the boys.

Reddit | d3333p7

This photo could appear in the dictionary next to the definition for bittersweet. Watching a family member fade away is heartbreaking, but little rituals like this can still mean so much.

It ended happily.

Reddit | DearFeeling5

I'd imagine locals would be pretty happy to see this update. After weeks of his truck acting as a mobile billboard, this guy was finally able to find help for his daughter.


Reddit | sethstafford94

This guy posted on Reddit to share his happiness at losing forty pounds. It isn't easy to lose weight, but it's incredibly gratifying — particularly when random Redditors are there to cheer you on!

Double duty.

Reddit | Pkay05

I would hope this single mom would be allowed at this "dad" event regardless, but it's especially cute that she went the extra mile and dressed up like this for her son.


Reddit | Timfrostyo

During childhood, these two friends were given a two percent chance of longterm survival. They both beat the odds, graduated from high school, and stayed friends the whole time.

It takes courage.

Reddit | Jokiat

For people who've had trouble embracing their true selves, photos like this are especially meaningful. It's essentially a declaration to the world, shifting into a new paradigm where they don't feel the need to hide themselves.

Changing hearts and minds.

Reddit | pghparagliding

This truck driver posted a photo of their back bumper. They say they want to be the antithesis to most of the trucks they see on the road. One truck at a time, I suppose.


Reddit | My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

This is a cool photo, especially because the actors dressed as Wonder Woman and The Flash clearly have enough empathy to listen to this kid, understanding that he sees them as legitimate superheroes.

Look for the helpers.

Reddit | orchid_breeder

This shows America's top doctor, Anthony Fauci, back in 2015. Despite his impressive medical pedigree, the then 74-year-old was more than willing to suit up to help treat ebola patients.

Everything's going to be alright.

Reddit | bitchyswiftie

Anyone who's ever had a dog knows how comforting and empathetic they can be. This comfort dog has clearly been trained, but also must have a built-in sixth sense for understanding these situations.


Reddit | Mongo_Fifty

"Finally switched plates after too many years of ignorance," wrote the person who posted this. It's always important to be willing to change your ways when presented with compelling new information.

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