11+ Inventions Designed To Make Life A Little Easier

Everyone can use a thing or two that makes their lives that much easier. That's why genius inventors are constantly looking at everyday items and wondering how they can make them more useful and better to use for all of us buyers on the market. Some things invented are so outstanding, they should be on every shelf of every store.

Wrapping paper that's universally good for every occasion.

Fabio Milito

This wrapping paper has words sprawled all over it and you can circle the one that best fits the reason you are sending a gift. You'll never have to buy more than one tube of paper again!

Timed traffic lights.

Thanva Tivawong

Want to know how much time you have left to get through the street light? This one measures how long you have until the light turns red. That way, you don't run the light.

An umbrella with a cup holder.

EK Design

The worst part about rain in the morning on the way to work is having to juggle your morning coffee with the umbrella. This solves all that problem once and for all.

An onion holder.


The one thing that is the worst about cutting onions is that your hands are going to smell like it for days. Using this onion holder will ensure your fingers are clean and smelling fresh.

A scooter/stroller combo.


Trying to rush to daycare with your little one? This scooter/stroller combo gets you to where you need to be in one fell swoop and it's pretty cool looking. Coolest dad on the block!

An ironing board/mirror.

Go Downsize

Ironing clothing is a drag, but if you could flip up the board to check out your progress ASAP and then fold it back down to fix what you missed? Brilliance.

A citrus spritzer for salads and veggies.


Wanting to put some lemon or lime on your salads and veggies is pretty normal. But, squeezing out the juices is messy. This spritzer makes it that much easier to do.

A moveable plug/port for your devices.

Cheng-Hsiu Du & Chyun-Chau Lin

The worst part about these extension chords is when you need to plug in multiple large ports. These movable ones make it possible to use every single port the way you need it.

A bench that you can crank to change.

Yanko Design

Avoiding germs? You can crank this bench to change the way it's positioned so you don't sit on the same spot someone else did moments beforehand.

A shower cap for babies.


Trying to give your baby a bath sometimes get a bit rough with water and soap in their eyes. Using this shower cap could make it easier to avoid water in their eyes!

A yolk separator for eggs.


Some of us like to make egg whites for breakfast to be a bit on the healthier side. However, separating yolks from the egg can be messy. This little device makes it simple.

A walkway button that's perfect for everyone.


Some people need a little more time crossing the street. For those who want a quick walk, press the button. But, tap your ID card and your time is extended for those who need some extra time added on.

This parking garage with lines on the wall.


To make sure that you are parking in the lines, everyone always opens their doors a few times to check. Having the lines run up the wall helps keep us in check.

A toothpaste holder for the mirror.

SSYS Living Goods

Keep your toothpaste in one place and also ensure that you are using the whole toothpaste container before you waste it. This is truly a genius invention for every bathroom across the world.

A bookmark that keeps your exact spot.


This clever bookmark sort of looks like a rubber band, but it can help you find your exact spot in your current read. Just wrap the bookmark around your book and position the hand to line up with the line — or word — where you left off.

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