Lindsay Lohan And 'The Parent Trap' Cast Reunite To Celebrate The Film's Anniversary

When it comes to influential movies from our childhood, few films can stand the test of time and provide nostalgia quite like The Parent Trap.

It's hard to believe that 22 years have passed since the movie's premiere, and to celebrate, the cast of the iconic film got together and reunited, virtually of course, to commemorate their time together and the loss of their beloved cast member, Natasha Richardson.

*The Parent Trap* turned 22-years-old this year. I know, right?! It doesn't feel like it's been that long but, as we know, time passes in Lindsay Lohan films.

The Parent Trap tells the story of identical twins Hallie and Annie (both played by Lindsay) who are separated after their parents' divorce.

Years later, they reunite at a summer camp and decide to switch places in an effort to bring their parents back together.

Lindsay then revealed that she still remembered the iconic handshake.


"I've been asked to do it, and yeah, I do remember. I think there's a little bit where I mess it up," she admitted.

"The most incredible thing about The Parent Trap in itself is even still, younger generations and little kids that go to camp, they even know it now."

"Natasha had such an elegance and grace, and she was so maternal to me," said Lindsay.


Elaine said Natasha was "somebody so giving and so glad to be there and transmitted that joy of being able to do what we do. It just made everything that much better."

Katie Couric hosted the virtual reunion with the film's original cast members, which included Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid and Elaine Hendrix.

During the special, the stars honored Natasha Richardson, who was noticeably absent.

Natasha died in 2009 after a tragic skiing accident.

Lindsay also shared that she felt cast and crew members treated her differently depending on which twin she was playing that day.

"I feel like people treated me differently when I was Annie, because Annie was so much nicer, and Hallie was kinda like me," she explained.

BRB, going to rewatch The Parent Trap for the 38th time.

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