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10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About 'Pretty In Pink' Fans Didn't Know

Certain films become elevated to such iconic status, that they become indicative or representative of an entire generation. Such is the case with the '80s masterpiece Pretty in Pink.

It's been more than 30 years since the film first hit theaters. So in order to help celebrate this tremendous film, here are 10+ behind the scenes secrets about Pretty in Pink that fans didn't know.

1. Charlie Sheen was being considered early on for the part of Blane.

Molly Ringwald, however, wasn't a fan. She suggested Andrew McCarthy after seeing his performance in St. Elmo's Fire.

In her opinion, Andrew was the kind of guy she could see herself falling for.

To thank her for giving him the nod, Andrew sent Molly a strange "thank you" gift.

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Andrew sent her a four-foot-tall Gumby doll. In case you're unfamiliar, Gumby was a claymation TV character.

He first rose to prominence back in the 1950s on The Howdy Doody Show.

2. Andie's signature thrift store sense of fashion was inspired by Molly's own personal style.

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The bucket hats, the blazers, the piles of costume jewelry - all of it came from Molly.

For lack of a better word, she truly was John Hughes' own personal muse.

3. John Hughes wrote the part of Andie specifically for Molly Ringwald.

The pair had previously worked together on Sixteen Candles. The studio, however, was not as confident in Molly as John was. They first offered the part to Jennifer Beals who turned it down.

Afterward, they went back to Molly.

4. John Hughes' inspiration for the film really rocks!

Most people think that the film inspired the song, but that's not the case. John Hughes was turned on to the music of The Psychadelic Furs by Molly Ringwald.

Their song, "Pretty In Pink" would serve as the basis for the entire film.

5. The soundtrack for *Pretty In Pink* was named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time.

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Let's hit the highlights, shall we? The film was supplied tracks by INXS, OMD, The Psychadelic Furs, The Smiths, New Order, and many many more.

It was named #11 on the Top #25.

6. Jon Cryer completely ad-libbed Duckie's iconic dance scene.

Jon blew everyone away, including the director. The way he tells the story, the scene caused a lot of frustration on set.

Apparently, because they hadn't budgeted enough time into the schedule to film it properly.

7. Director Howard Deutch manufactured the chemistry between his leads.

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“I would tell Andrew that Molly really had this crush on him, which was true, and Molly that Andrew had this big crush on her, which wasn’t true,” says Deutch during an interview. “It worked.”

8. Molly's real life boyfriend at the time makes a cameo appearance.

Molly was dating Dweezil Zappa, son of the legendary shock-rocker Frank Zappa. He has an admittedly brief scene at Andie's favorite hang out spot.

Molly said of Zappa at the time: “I respect him and he’s really gorgeous.”

9. Molly Ringwald hated her prom dress.

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According to the costume designer, Marilyn Vance,

"She hated that dress! Molly actually hated it with such a passion you have no idea." Molly fought hard but eventually ended up wearing it.

10. Not only did James Spader not attend his own prom, he never graduated either!

“All the anxiety and fear that prom would provoke would probably keep me away from a prom today," said a young James Spader during an interview with a local TV station.

11. James Spader's audition almost went too well.

Spader delivered on making everyone around him loathe his presence.

"I remember James Spader coming in and smoking a cigarette … and he was just obnoxious, but he was completely in character because he’s actually a lovely character," said Ringwald during the DVD commentary.

12. The original ending of the film was completely different.

In the first draft, Andie winds up in the arms of Duckie! Jon Cryer spoke about it during an interview and expressed his initial disappointment at the outcome.

"I was disappointed. You sorta go, ”Oh, guess I’m not the leading man.”

Being the professional that he is, Jon was able to look past the initial hurt and see the bigger picture.

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"But I think it was kind of appropriate. Duckie always thought he was the leading man, and that was his fatal flaw. I got it at the time."

13. Planet Hollywood stole Jon Cryer's Duckie shoes!

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"I had the Duckie shoes for the longest time, and then in the mid-’90s, I lent them to Planet Hollywood, which has decided that I wasn’t lending them, I was giving them — despite signed documents to the contrary."