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Bring Some Sweet Whimsy To Your Garden With 'Candy Cane Oxalis' Flowers

Have you ever dreamed of living in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? Of course, without the whole getting sucked up into a tube, turning into a blueberry, and getting lost in a chute leading to nowhere.

While you may not want to renovate your home into a whole candy factory, you can absolutely make your garden look like one with the help of candy cane oxalis flowers.

If your garden needs some freshening up, look no further than these whimsical candy cane oxalis flowers.

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Don't they look like something Willy Wonka would plant outside his factory?

Also called candy cane sorrel, these flowers are marked by their trumpet-shaped flowers with swirling red stripes that line the border of the petals, making them look like sticks of candy cane.

In the early spring, the sorrel shrubs begin blooming the trumpet-shaped candy cane-swirled petals.

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When the flowers are fully bloomed, they reveal a snowy white color that adds a major pop against colorful gardens.

These plants are perfect for beginner gardeners or those who don't like high maintenance gardening.

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They require your usual watering and fertilization to keep them alive and well.

As a perennial, candy cane oxalis will be ready to impress your neighbors once again for many springs to come.

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Look out for them at your local garden nursery next time you go!

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