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You Can Get Arms For Your Chicken And It's Not Even That Difficult

If there's one thing the internet is good for besides making us laugh and finding us new things to be angry about, it's showing us stuff that we never knew we wanted. And while that can be dangerous depending on the price of whatever curiosity we come across, it doesn't always have to be.

It's not unusual to know someone who owns chickens if you grow up in a rural area, but while they're certainly appreciated for what they do, they're not often treated as pets. Part of that is because livestock animals are usually there to do a specific job, but it's also because those who have them tend to have a lot of them.

Nonetheless, one strangely creative person has found a way to have some fun with their chicken and now everybody can share in what they came up with.

Until someone who goes by Shell Critter strapped some arms to their chicken in Hereford, Arizona, it doesn't seem like people even knew that was possible.

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As we can see, their chicken Sparkle appeared to receive a set of chicken arms specially delivered from an "Uncle Brian."

Based on the packaging, one might assume that there's somewhere you can buy a set of arms specifically designed for a chicken.

However, it seems that this isn't exactly the case, as everything in that package was made from common household items.

Facebook | Shell Critter

As Shell Critter told Bored Panda, all you have to do is pry the arms off a doll and tie some flexible metal wire around them and you've got your own pair of chicken arms.

And here we can see a variant that's just as simple and appears to use a twist tie.

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Based on the way the hands look in both of these versions, it seems to work best when the arms once belonged to a plastic baby doll.

That way, the stubbiness of the arms seem to match the chicken and their thickness makes the bird look like it's been working out.

So it was only a matter of time before we started seeing other chickens with their own sets of arms.

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Adorably, each seems to take on a new confidence in their stride thanks to the way the arms are positioned.

The next time you see a tough guy in a cartoon, he'll probably be standing like this.

And the effect gets a lot funnier when the chicken squats down.

Twitter | @niwatori3wa

For instance, the one just barely seems to be keeping its "arms" from dragging on the ground. In these moments, it looks less like it's tough and more like its body feels stiff after working out too hard.

But if you want your own pair of chicken arms, it seems like the hardest thing to get will be the chicken.

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