14+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘You Might Wanna Fix That’

Not every choice made is a good one, and from construction projects to decor design, we can find a multitude of bad decisions at work.

Even worse, some people don't see the problem. A friendly reminder can go a long way, so here's a list of moments that made us go "you might wanna fix that."

"Why just screw or nail wood to a wall when you can use construction glue? Gifts from the previous owner."

Reddit | breakfastcrumbs

His expression really says it all. Disappointment mixed with shock that anyone thought this was the best way.

"Something happened when these bricks were put down."

Reddit | LUXI-PL

It's nice to see they have different colors for the walking lane and the b̯̦̱̰͇͈̙̜̞͢͢͝i̵̧̨̙̲͖̪̻͙c̴̛̱̼̳͈y̨̢͇̱̩̬̰̝̲̜c͕̲͈̱̲̭̞̘͠l̫͉̱̖͙͓͚̪̺̕͠é͔̥̘̭͕̟͘͢ lane!

"This hotels curtains look like there is blood on them."

Reddit | robloxlegoman

If all the rooms are a murder scene, then none of them are!

The power one letter has.

Reddit | scary_ninja_game

"Hi! Welcome to your first day on the job. Just so you know, we don't actually have a break room, but we do have a reak broom!"

"Craigslist kids death cycle."

Reddit | thatsvagtastic

I know exactly how this will end just by looking at this bike. They'll make it to the end of the street before a cry-fight starts over which way they want to turn.

"This salad section on the menu at the pub."

Reddit | TranslucentTaco

I think this is their not-so-subtle way of telling you not to order a salad. Why? That's up to you to find out...

"Well, I applied."

Reddit | PK_GirPade

Doesn't matter what the job is, if you can make it through a week you're set to retire. Make it through two and you're part of the elite.

"Knee pads required."

Reddit | ShaniquaStringfellow

Have you ever felt like using the toilet just didn't involve enough potential for bodily harm? Me neither, but here's this anyway.

"This is how my old high school decided to congratulate the grads this year."

Reddit | TridentFH01

Morbid and terrifying, but then again, that's what I remember my high school experience being like.

"Calibrated the temperature sensor, boss."

Reddit | chrisyroid

Yeah, that temperature is correct. We're all just permafrosted and entering a new ice age.

"Good to know what the problem is."

Reddit | TheDarkButcher

When there are too many problems to list, sometimes you just have to sum it up.

"Is this advertising a speaker or a murder weapon."

Reddit | Swoofts

If it's the latter, she looks really chill about being murdered. Resigned even. "Yeah, alright, I've had my fun."

"With G things od All Possible are."

Reddit | phtebo

If you're trying to spread a message, please at least make it readable.

"The rating system for a hotel I stayed at."

Reddit | Blcksheep89

You had a bad time! No, you don't get a say. You had a terrible time. Now tell us that!

"Try not to put these sections together."

Reddit | ComicPandaa

"Need a little spice in your life? Something new and exciting? Try crime! We can't promise any results, but it'll sure mix things up!"

"Amazing urban planning."

Reddit | adobadobe

I feel like I've seen way too many photos of trees or posts in the middle of roads. This shouldn't be this big of an issue.

"That isn’t how a face works."

Reddit | Epicdude42069

You don't have a second face inside your first, bigger one? That's just me?

"Terrifying sign at the beach."

Reddit | Alvelil

Humans aren't allowed to jet-ski, and horrific, spindly aliens aren't allowed to go paragliding.

"Well played, Amazon."

Reddit | jackflemming

"Hey, can we just get a cab next time?"

"What? Why?"

"It's been two hours and we haven't moved yet. I've missed my appointment."

"Gotta do it the right way."

Reddit | batusoydeger

Inconvenient, slow, and resulting in a definite loss of milk? I guess "right" is subjective.

"'Make sure you get the right size', she said. 'Nah, they're all the same size', I said."

Reddit | airbagsavedme

And on that day, you knew you would never live this moment down, and it would be held over your head forever more.

"Previous owner of my house covered a gap in the floorboards by nailing down flattened food tins."

Reddit | ejk9192

Sometimes you need to fix something but really don't want to go to the store to get the supplies. So, you use whatever's at hand, no matter how inconvenient.

"Well then, fire them already!"

Reddit | Ryno3639

I had a coworker of mine get fired for jumping off a dumpster on the store premises, but these guys are still allowed to work? Some world we live in.

"My apple broke the apple cutter and now I have a weapon."

Reddit | rmbrmeforcenturies

One man's trash is another man's treasure, and one man's broken apple cutter is another man's survival tool.

"Interesting choice of words."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I hope they sell those decorative stars in there, too. You could swing it around like a mace.

"I’m afraid of my girlfriend's toothpaste."

Reddit | djtshirt

That thing looks like it's about to come to life and climb right out of there. Only you can kill it.

"My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now."

Reddit | Limit760

As if those fast food drive-through speakers weren't hard enough to hear already... Or is that a personal problem?

"This practically unreadable writing on a local church."

Reddit | ZachyTuts

Once I could finally read this, I kept hearing it in a slanting voice depending on which direction the letters are going.

"When you can spend thousands of dollars on anime figures but not hundreds of dollars on an actually decent power rack."

Reddit | llamanatee

Collect what you want, but please get a new rack. I fear for the safety of those glass shelves.

"This door slides shut onto a light switch."

Reddit | mmmkay0510

Close the door and turn the lights off all in one move! It's efficient!