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New Popcorn M&M's Are Being Spotted On Shelves, And They Have A Popcorn-Flavored Chocolate Coating

Every year, M&M's comes out with new mouthwatering flavors that help keep them relevant after almost 80 years in the game. Already, the company has released news of a new seasonal flavor coming out for the holidays, even before any news of any new fall seasonal flavors.

And before they continue, they've got one more that looks like it coincides with all the snacking done during football season.

Food blog The Impulsive Buy recently spotted popcorn-flavored M&M's at Sheetz, an Ohio-based grocery chain.

The Impulsive Buy

The packaging depicts a blue M&M's mascot sporting black grease strips under their eyes and holding a pale of popcorn and a football.

Given the design and its release, it seems like the new flavor is meant to get people in the mood for football season coming up, which is basically the ultimate snacking season.

According to Instagrammer @candyhunting, the new M&M's feature a crisp rice center and a popcorn-flavored coating.

From the packaging, it looks like the candies will be white, yellow, and brown representing all the colors in a piece of popcorn.

According to a follower in the comments, the candies have a subtle popcorn scent, and they're more reminiscent of Crispy M&M's.

Well, we'll just have to taste them for ourselves, won't we now!

These should start rolling into stores soon, so keep your eyes peeled on your next grocery trip!