Gonna Want Seconds

'Giggle Juice' Vodka Cocktails Are Made With A Whole Bottle Of Moscato

There's nothing like cooling off in the summer with a refreshing fruity cocktail. There are endless recipes out there to try if you're looking for something new, but if you haven't found one with a whole bottle of moscato in it yet, then you came to the right place.

This drink pictured here is called "Giggle Juice," but its ingredients are no joke.

Gonna Want Seconds

And if there's one thing this fruity cocktail will do, is ensure you're laughing with your gal pals all night long.

It's made with vodka, lemon-lime soda, lemonade, and a whole bottle of moscato.

Instagram | @ottawabev

Do you see why it's called giggle juice? This stuff is strong.

Don't be afraid to get creative with the ingredients, of course. Try using lemon-flavored vodka like Kathleen from Gonna Want Seconds did to really highlight the lemon flavor.

Strawberry lemonade would also be a great substitute to kick up the sweetness and flavor.

How good does that sound? It's basically a moscato sangria, with an added kick from the vodka.

Instagram | @ottawabev

Of course, you can't forget the garnishes. Slice up some strawberries and lemon wedges and toss them in the pitcher for even more flavor.

We also love the idea of serving the cocktail in a drink dispenser for some self-serving action.

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Or just keep this it in your fridge and help yourself all week long!

No matter how you decide to serve it up, this is definitely a new summer drink to give a try.

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