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Quotes For People Who Just Need A Win Today

Please, please, please tell me I'm not the only person who's been kind of having a bad day today. Anyone? Anyone?

I'm not sure what it is about this day specifically that has made it so crummy, to be honest. It's not like the weather is especially bad (it's hot, sure, but manageable), and I didn't wake up feeling ill or found out some terrible, horrible news I couldn't cope with.

Nope, nothing at all like any of that. It's just been one of those bad days.

I find these kinds of days come along every once in awhile, especially now that I'm older.


Some people might say that if you start the day with a bad attitude, you're pretty much just ensuring the rest of the day is going to let you down, too. Sort of like you're manifesting all the suck yourself.

But to those people I say... I don't know, maybe you're right. But let me just mope for a little while longer, okay?

I know things could be so much worse than they are, and I should be grateful for that.


I have my health, my family has their health, and that's an especially important thing to have nowadays.

Plus, I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and clothes on my body. From all accounts, I should be a pretty good mood.

But for some reason, I'm just not, and that's O.K.

Amazing Movement

I don't think you can really expect yourself to feel topnotch and chipper every day of the week, because that's just unrealistic. Even the perkiest, most upbeat person has their low days.

It's how we learn to appreciate those good times when they come back around again.

So on days like today where I'm basically living out the word "bleh", I like to congratulate myself on any and all wins, no matter how small.

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Like managing to get that load of wet clothes into the dryer before they started smelling all funky. I really wasn't in the mood to do anything at all today, and laundry was definitely at the bottom of my list. But I did it, and I did it well. Yay me.

I also made my bed, which is cool. And I didn't order takeout for lunch, I actually cooked something in the kitchen.

Yes, today hasn't been great, but I still saw some successes, no matter how little, which means I didn't let all the bad stuff get me down. So I'm just going to call all that one big "win".

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