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We Only Wish We Could Relate To Jennifer Aniston's Sweaty 'Post-Workout Self Portrait'

Jennifer Aniston is honestly a social media QUEEN! Sure, she was late to the game but she is here now, baby and she is DOMINATING! She is also the queen of '90s haircuts, ageless skin and a snatched fashion sense, but we will get to that later!

So when Jen posted a sweaty (and honestly kinda creepy) pic of her workout mat, fans were INSTANTLY intrigued!

NEWS FLASH —You don't look like Jennifer Aniston at 51-years-old without taking your health seriously.

instagram | @jenniferaniston

Which is why she uses Aveeno, works out and wears a mask out in public during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

Revolutionary concept, eh?

Did I mention Jenny from the Central Perk works out? Because she does. A lot.

Unlike many of us (me), Jennifer has taken this quarantine time to keep focused on her fitness goals and keep fans updated on her social media.

So when she posted this "post-workout self portrait" fans were like WOAH.

Yep, it's literally just her sweaty yoga matt with a very FIT looking sweat imprint on it.

SO yes, it appears Jennifer's perfection extends to her bodily fluids.

IDK about you guys, but when I workout, it looks a lot more like this:

There's also a lot of crying! And butt sweat! And an overall sense of hopelessness!

Let's just say, my post-workout self portrait wouldn't look like that.

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