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Quotes For People Who Have Definitely Been There Before

You know what I love about the internet? It helps us all realize that we aren't alone in this world. And sometimes, we really need to feel that way.

You think you're the only person out there tripping over their own feet all day, burning their lunch in the toaster oven at work, and spending their paycheck on a pair of shoes that aren't nearly as cute outside the store as they were inside?

Honey. You most certainly are not. Because we've all been there and we have all definitely done that.

Let's talk laundry first, because that's always a topic that's super relatable to people.


Oh, you know that as soon as you read that, you pictured the chair.

Everyone has one. I don't care if it's big, small, comfy, hard, antique, or just plain ugly — it's no longer intended for sitting. Its sole purpose is to hold those clothes that you've worn twice this week, but that passed the smell check.

Yep, the chair is nice, but you know what it needs? *Even more clothes*. Let's go buy some!

Seriously, I need someone to hold my wallet for me while we're at the mall, otherwise I'll buy everything in sight and forget all about the modest budget I set for myself.

Well, that is until we hit the food court and I spend that entire budget on tacos. It be like that sometimes.

And then, of course, there's the ever-loving struggle of trying to get a good night's sleep (remember those?).


I'm convinced that time simply ceases to exist when you climb into bed. Not only does it always feel like you did not get enough sleep, no matter how many hours you spent snoozing on that pillow.

But everything seems to speed the heck up when you tell yourself it's bedtime at midnight... after you check your social media super quickly first, of course. Before you know it, you're wide awake and your alarm is set to go off in T-minus 3 hours.

If this one doesn't hit you right in your soul, then I'm pretty sure you're just lying to yourself, because we've *so* all been there before.

Just last week, I had to do this very same, shameful walk while trying not to drop about a billion things I had cradled in my arms.

But in my defense... I really didn't feel like rooting through my purse for some change to get a cart, just to toss what I thought at the time would just be "a few things" into it.

Clearly, I misjudged how hungry I was while shopping.

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