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Dennis Quaid Says Controversial Behind-The-Scenes Footage From 'A Dog's Purpose' Was 'A Scam'

When A Dog's Purpose came out in 2017, most people expected a sweet story about dogs and friendship, but unfortunately, the film was eclipsed by a viral video of a behind-the-scenes moment that looked like one of the dogs in the film was in distress.

Dennis Quaid, who starred in the film, has now spoken out about the controversy.

A video went viral showcasing alleged animal abuse on the set of *A Dog's Purpose*.


The footage showed "an apparently terrified German Shepherd being forced into a swimming pool full of water, with eight outboard motors reportedly churned to recreate a turbulent river."

The video caused a huge controversy and even lead to PETA calling for a boycott of the film.

An investigation concluded that “no animals were harmed in those scenes and numerous preventative safety measures were in place.”

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The film's star, Dennis Quaid, has now spoken out about the footage in an interview, calling the video "a scam."

“What happened was the dog jumps into the water… there were divers, scuba divers, three of them, underneath the water. One of the trainers reached down to give the dog a rest, and he pulled him up, and it looks like he’s pulling him up and choking him by the collar.”

Dennis explained, "there’s a table right below the dog, so the dog can rest his feet on the table. He’s not just being held up.”

Dennis went on to say that the dog "goes under, and that’s where the guy cuts. Well, there were two divers waiting for him right there, it wasn’t even a second-and-a-half. They lifted him up, handed him to the trainer right by the pool, and the dog didn’t even wait to get a collar on, he ran right to the other side of the pool to do it again."

Dennis concluded by saying, the dog "loved it.”

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