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Mom Builds Incredible Farmhouse Bunk Bed For Her Kids

Trying to make space for multiple children can be hard when it comes to beds and space in your home. Many parents opt for bunk beds so that kids can easily share a room but also have their own space in that home. Sometimes, bunk beds can look rather bulky and bland. That's why people love to decorate them and make them sparkly and beautiful.

Mom Aenny Chung, who frequently posts her creations on Instagram, showcased the "farmhouse bunk bed" she created for her kids.

Instagram l @aenny04

She posts pictures of the farmhouse bunk bed that she built on Instagram frequently, many times decorated for holidays and seasons. The beds are stunning and flawless, and a dream for kids.

Aenny posted on her Instagram highlights how she created the bed.

Instagram l @aenny04

The bed was created with actual barn doors to close the top. The bottom bed is placed on the bottom opening where the kids sit down for the photos.

Since the bed is shared by her son and daughter, Aenny chose a neutral color palette.

Besides being a cool place to sleep, this bed also doubles as a playhouse and even has a slide. I wish I had this bed!

Aenny's design isn't the first to come up.


Many people on Etsy sell similar versions of the bunkbeds that Aenny created for her kids. The rustic style bunkbeds are extremely popular and look very similar to something Joanna Gaines would create.

We can't lie, we want them for ourselves!

Instagram l @aenny04

While they're small enough for young kids, I'm not going to lie how much I want a farmhouse bunk bed for myself. Even if I'm too big, I'll squeeze in!

You can see more on Aenny's Instagram here.