Give Your Curb Appeal A Personal Touch With A Giant Letter-Shaped Planter

There's nothing more exciting and fun than decorating your home. Coming home to a space that is warm, colorful, and inviting is everyone's goal in life. Once we find our perfect space, making sure we can put a little bit of this and that around to make it more of our own is key. Sometimes, all it takes is a "little something" to make it that much better.

One thing we all love to do with our interior and exterior design projects is to add some plants and life.

Unsplash | Prudence Earl

Planters and plants bring both color and life to any space in your home, inside or outside. If you ask me, I want my entire home covered in plants. I love to look up and see those beautiful green leaves coming to life.

Thanks to some genius people who are crafty and fun, you can get planters to represent your home.

Ellery Designs

These giant letter shaped planters are perfect for people looking to personalize their space but also make room for some new plant babies in their life. They are huge, but also stunning.

Get the letter of your first name or you family name!

Ellery Designs

For big families, it would be super cute to get the letter of your family name. But, if you're living solo, grab the letter of your first name to make it all your own.

There are several places to purchase some of these.

Instagram | @ellerydesigns

You can either grab them directly from company Ellery Designs, or you can grab some on Etsy from others who are created similar monogram planters for your home. Make sure to make them pop with some colorful flowers!