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Billy Joel Is Still The Piano Man As He Plays Discarded Piano Left On The Sidewalk

There are some things that you never forget how to do — obviously, riding a bike is one of them, given the expression "it's like riding a bike," but there are also other skills that stay with you no matter how long it's been.

For Billy Joel, piano and putting on a darn good show are definitely like riding a bike.

Everybody knows the piano man.

Billy Joel is a legend, with hits like Only The Good Die Young, New York State Of Mind, We Didn't Start The Fire, Uptown Girl, and loads more, but his most famous song is probably his smash hit Piano Man.

Billy proved he is still undoubtedly the piano man himself in a new viral video.

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In the video, Billy (who had been riding a motorcycle, naturally — is he the coolest man alive or what?) has taken a break from his commute to tickle the ivories on a discarded piano lying in the streets of Long Island.

"Not bad," Billy says as he finishes playing.

"The action is good," Billy continues. "It just needs tuning, and the finish is beat. It's a perfectly good piano. It's a shame to throw it out."

A bunch of lucky street-goers got a free impromptu Billy Joel concert for his trouble!

"They'd probably take it," Billy said, of a local thrift store.

"These are laminated keys, the pedals work, the action is great," Billy finishes. "The mechanics are perfect."

You can watch the video for yourself right here.

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