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Chris Hemsworth Sends Heartfelt Message To 6-Year-Old Boy Who Saved His Sister From Dog Attack

You may have already heard about Bridger, the heroic six-year-old boy from Wyoming who saved his sister from a dog attack earlier this month. The story has captivated the world as the pictures of Bridger's face after the attack have gone viral.

Now, Chris Hemsworth is reaching out to the young hero and offering him words of support and admiration which, for a superhero fan, doesn't get much better than that!

The story of Bridger's bravery initially broke a few days ago.

His aunt, Nicole Walker, shared her nephew's story on her Instagram.

"My nephew is a hero who saved his little sister from an attacking dog. He, himself, took on the attack so that the dog wouldn’t get his sister," she wrote.

She continued: "He later said, 'If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me.' He got home from the hospital last night."

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"I know it’s a long shot, but I’m reaching out to the Avengers and other heroes so that they can learn about this latest addition to their ranks. Please, check your DM’s for my sweet nephew’s story," she concluded, before tagging the cast of the Avengers franchise.

Bridger's parents have released a statement since seeing the attention their brave son has received.

"In early 2016, Bridger's world was rocked. At 19 months old, we introduced him to his brand-new baby sister. As his parents, we were anxious about how he would react, but without hesitation, he jumped into the oversized hospital chair and waited patiently for his turn to hold her," the statement began.

"Since that time, Bridger rarely strays far from his little sister, often to the irritation of her much less social nature."

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"Bridger is gregarious, always learning, so full of love, and an absolute joy to have in our lives. Our home and our hearts would feel empty without him."

The family then went on to explain the events that transpired on the afternoon of July 9th, 2020.

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"While at a friend's house, Bridger and his sister went into the home's back yard. Upon entering the yard, the child with them pointed to one dog and said 'that is the nice dog,' and pointed to the other dog in the yard, explaining 'that is the mean one.'"

"Bridger explained how, at that moment, the mean one ran at them. In Bridger's words, "I stepped to the side, in front of my sister so the dog couldn't get to her. I kept moving, so it couldn't get past."

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"Tragically, instead of running off, the dog leaped and latched onto Bridger's cheek."

At this point, the young boy told his sister to run and protect herself, before joining her in safety after the attack.

Chris Evans was the first superhero to send a personalized video message to Bridger.

"Pal, you're a hero, what you did was so brave, so selfless — your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you," Chris said in the video.

He then told the six-year-old he would be sending him "an authentic Captain America shield because pal, you deserve it."

"Keep being the man you are, we need people like you," Chris continued.

"Hang in there, I know recovery might be tough, but based on what I've seen, I don't think there's much that can slow you down."

Now, Chris Hemsworth is stepping up and reaching out to the brave little boy.

"Hi there, guys, I just want to give a shout-out to a young kid named Bridger. He's six-years-old and recently a dog attacked him and his little sister, and he was incredibly brave," he started.

"He did something that not a lot of people would do, he stood between the dog and his sister and took the full attack on himself."

Chris continued: "He received some pretty serious injuries to his head and his face, but afterwards, took his sister's hand and brought her to safety."

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"I just want to say, mate, you're an absolute inspiration. Your courage is beyond belief and we are all so impressed by you, and we're thinking of you."

"I know you're an *Avengers* fan and so myself and all the team, we'd be honored to have you on the team, and we love you and we're sending you our support. Stay strong and we'll talk to you soon, mate."

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Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?!

We're so proud of you, Bridger!

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