Snarky Mug Is Perfect For Anyone Who's Over Those Unnecessary Zoom Meetings

With the ongoing global pandemic that has been taking over the world, many individuals have had to work from their homes. With companies able to do so with the help of technology, many people have been able to, fortunately, keep their jobs while quarantining and following government guidelines. However, there are tons of people who have spent long, grueling hours in meetings on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.

For anyone who has had to work from home, they know that Zoom meetings can be a bummer.

Unsplash | Gabriel Benois

No one wants to sit home on the computer all day long, having to stare at Zoom calls back-to-back for hours. Many times, these endless meetings and discussions could have easily been done via email.

Now, there are hilariously sassy mugs for those who feel those meetings are, well, pointless.


The new line of "I Survived Another Meeting..." mugs are perfect to spill your morning coffee into and drink on your next Zoom meeting to take a clear stance on how you feel about them.

They're hilariously clever.


The full quote reads, "I survived another meeting that could have been an email." It's short, sweet, and to the point. Let your boss or colleagues know that you are not playing any games during this pandemic.

Savagery at its finest.


You can grab one of these mugs from either Etsy or Amazon, where there are several different types and styles. You can even send one to your boss as a gift to be extra savage!