Picnic Tables With A Built-In Cooler Will Take Backyard Hangouts Up A Notch

With summer upon us, everyone is looking for ways to have a great time while also staying safe. Many individuals are opting to stay home and spend their summer socially distancing from others.

That's why revamping your backyard and home essentials is key for this summer in the sun. Even if you're sticking to just hanging out with your family and very close friends, being outdoors is key.

One of the best things to have in any backyard is a big enough table to fit everyone.


Forget bulky tables that have far too many chairs. Grabbing a picnic table is the way to go when you're BBQing with your family and friends. It's big enough for everyone and you can spread out if you need.

What if we told you that there was a way to combine your perfect picnic table dream with the convenience of a cooler to keep your drinks cold, too?


Fortunately, people are thinking way ahead of the game and bringing both the picnic-style table and the drink cooler together in one perfect match. Now, there are picnic tables with built-in spaces for drink coolers.

You can have a huge BBQ dinner and not have to get up for another drink!


Brilliant craftsmen have been selling these incredible inventions all over popular site Etsy. They range in price from $700-$1000+. However, you can buy them in a variety of wood types and even colors, too.

Nothing says "convenience" like being able to grab several beers or wine coolers without even leaving your seat.


During those hot summer days, there's nothing I want more than to sit around with my friends and family drinking and eating a hot dog or burger. These tables make that dream an absolute reality.

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