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Clever Pickle Fork Makes It Easy To Snack On Pickles Straight From The Jar

There are two types of people in this world: people who love pickles and people who hate pickles. For those who absolutely love pickles, we know that there is anything we would do to get to our beloved little treats. Sometimes, when we grab a new pickle jar, it's hard to grab a pickle without getting our hands totally soaked and smelly.

What if there was a way to grab your pickles without having to shove your whole hand in the jar?


Honestly, there's nothing I need more in my life than a device that allows me to grab pickles without having to fish them out in pickle juice. Plus, I totally fear getting my entire hand stuck inside a glass jar, too.

Now, FridgeFork is here to help all of us with our pickle needs.


The FridgeFork Condiment Fork is made essentially for us to use to grab a pickle or two when we want them most. The device comes with a stretchable band to put around the outside of the pickle jar so that it's conveniently attached.

Luckily, it's small and easy to manage.


The FridgeFork is small and dishwasher friendly. So, when you're done using it for your pickles (or gherkins or olives), you can easily throw it in the dishwasher to wash and clean.

The stretchable band also works to fit around any size jar.


For those smaller gherkin jars or even the bigger jumbo pickle jars, you can easily stretch the band around the glass to make sure it stays in place. Plus, it can catch the leftover juice when you spill.

Check it out here.