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Target Is Back With A Fresh Collection Of Adaptive Halloween Costumes For Kids And Adults

When thinking about Halloween, it's really easy to picture kids running up and down streets, wielding pales and pillowcases. But this isn't every child's experience, and that certainly doesn't mean they can't participate in all the Halloween fun.

Last year, Target released an adaptive line of Halloween costumes for children that were both sensory-friendly and very thoughtful in thinking about every child's needs. This year, they're back with even more, and they've included adults in the fun, too.

Target's adaptive Halloween costume line was so successful last year that they brought back even more this year.


Once again, their Halloween costumes are highly inclusive.

Many of their costumes, like this dragon design, seamlessly make wheelchairs part of the costume.

Their costumes aren't just wheelchair-friendly, however. Target really thought about every child's needs to have the best Halloween experience possible.


All of their costumes are sensory-friendly, meaning that they help combat and alleviate sensory overload, which can be quite an unpleasant experience for kids.

The costumes are also all designed to be easy to put on and can adapt to an array of movements.


Not to mention, all of their costumes are super unique and no ounce of cuteness is sacrificed!

This year, they've also created a couple of costumes for adults, because dressing up for Halloween is fun for *everyone*.


Each costume ranges anywhere from $25 to $35, so head to Target's website to preorder! They'll ship by August 27, just in time to get in the spooky spirit.

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