For Just $3 Million, You And Your Pals Can Live In The 'Golden Girls' House

Who doesn't have a dream of moving into a mansion with their BFF's when we're all old, fabulous queens?! I know I sure do. I mean, I love my boyfriend but ... my girls amirite?! Well, it looks like that dream could be a reality as long as I can cough up a cool $3 million!

Thank you for being a REAL ESTATE FRIEND!

Is there a foursome more iconic than Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia?! Is there a theme song more iconic than *Thank You For Being A Friend*?!

Is there a home more swoon-worthy than the Miami pad the four ladies called home in the '80s?!

Well, this home can be yours for a cool $3 MILLION as it is finally on sale for the first time SINCE THE SHOW AIRED!

Brandon Valente

Although I do have a bummer alert, the home isn't actually located in Miami, like the show says.

The home is in Brentwood, Los Angeles!

According to the *Wall Street Journal,* the property’s real-life owners were a lawyer named David Noble Barry III and his wife, Margaret Carr Barry.

The couple built the home together in 1955 and lived there until they passed in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Now, for $3 million, this beloved and classic home could be yours!

Brandon Valente

So grab three of your closest gal pals, sell everything you own and come on down to buy this beautiful property!