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Drumstick Has Dulce De Leche Cones That Are Covered In A Caramel Coating

Drumstick's pre-made ice cream cones are key when it comes to summertime snacking. The fact that that the cone is already made and ready to go is just a bonus, because it's the flavors that really keep us eyeing the frozen section of the grocery store.

And if you didn't know, Drumstick has Dulce de Leche cones that are perfect for those who need a break from chocolate.

If you weren't aware, Drumstick launched a Dulce de Leche variety pack last spring, and it's laid pretty low in the spotlight since then.

Instagram | @junkfoodonthego

But not any longer, my friends. It's time for the Dulce de Leche Drumstick to shine bright.

Instagrammer @junkfoodonthego recently brought the flavor pack to our attention, and we're definitely thankful they did.

Instagram | @junkfoodonthego

The variety pack includes three cones that are all covered in dulce de leche instead of the classic chocolate coating.

There's a Dulce de Leche-flavored ice cream cone with a dulce de leche center, a vanilla ice cream cone with a dulce de leche center, and a vanilla ice cream cone with a fudge center for those who still need their chocolate fix.

They said that the outer Dulce de Leche coating is what steals the show, and that these flavors are definitely worth a try.

Instagram | @junkfoodonthego

If you're looking to give these a try, definitely make sure you take a trip down your grocery store's ice cream section and keep your eyes peeled.

They're definitely at Meijer, Safeway, and Ralph's.