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Nervous Rescued Kitten Takes His Dragon Friend With Him To The Vet For Comfort

Going to the doctor's office is always a bit nerve-wracking. Even if it's just a routine visit, there's always that tiny part of you that worries about discovering some previously hidden illness that will destroy your life as you know it.

Also, needles suck. I'm not scared of them personally, but I still don't like them and still very much appreciate a comforting cookie or the support of a buddy.

For young children or animals, it can be even scarier, because they don't really understand what's happening or why.

Instagram | @operationcatnipgville

One little kitten named Ponyo was definitely nervous, but he had his green dragon buddy to help him through his visit to the vet for neutering.

Ponyo was found alone and scared by the Smart family out for a walk. After unsuccessfully searching for his mom, they decided to adopt him.

For company, they picked out a stuffed toy for him and Ponyo and Dragon became inseparable.

Instagram | @operationcatnipgville

When it came time for Ponyo's surgery at Operation Catnip, a spay-neuter organization, they sent Dragon along in his carrier.

There, the staff noticed how nervous Ponyo was, so they put Dragon in the kennel with him for comfort.

Seeing how attached he was to his friend, they decided to keep Dragon with Ponyo throughout the procedures.

Instagram | @operationcatnipgville

They even took the time to pantomime Dragon going through the same steps at Ponyo, which made for some adorable photos.

Then, knowing that the poor kitty would be confused as he woke up, they made sure Dragon was tucked in with him.

Instagram | @operationcatnipgville

I've held back this long, but: D'aww!

Ponyo (and Dragon) made it through the surgery with flying colors and went home to heal together before embarking on new, adorable adventures.

h/t: The Dodo