15+ Times We Got More Than We Bargained For

Sometimes it can be a really nice surprise to get a little extra in life. However, if the people on this list are anything to go by, then it can also be an awful experience!

So, with this in mind, please enjoy the struggles of these 15+ people who got more than they bargained for!

"Make it more orange!"


This reads like the inner monologue of a parent who has been pushed to the edge. The "if possible" really adds to the tone of desperation.

"How could a store sell this and not expect it to happen?"

Reddit | Flame_Sniper

"Oh no, Dave, I think someone's sprayed that damn fart spray again. Can you smell that? Disgusting!"

"Oh...yeah... Those damn kids. Definitely the spray."

"I think he was expecting to be a cool superhero or something."

Reddit | Skissored

Someone pointed out that he looks like a four-year-old who has been smoking 45 smokes a day since the day he was born and now I can't unsee it.

"I moved while a panoramic photo was being taken, and ended up looking like a Picasso painting."

Reddit | Newspaper_Edtior

It's all fun and games until it comes out that this is just how this guy looks, and it turns out that he has a rare case of Picassotitis.

"Picture of my dog ended up looking like she was decapitated."

Reddit | Redfishsam

The tongue lolling out of her mouth really does make it look like she has been in a horrific accident!

"So today when the wife texts me: 'The cat has a mouse cornered in our room' this was not the corner I expected."

Reddit | Wes_Rivermaster

That mouse has got some mad skills to have gotten up there. However, I think that it may have realized that it is a little stuck now!

"I can't even imagine what situation these people must be expecting..."

Reddit | a1988eli

I spent far too long looking at the toilet itself trying to figure out what was wrong with this pic before I noticed the absolutely ginormous plunger!

"My friend wants to start being more positive, but doesn't want to give up his dark brooding image. So I made him some stickers."

Reddit | ApologeticKid

I absolutely need to get my hands on some of these. They perfectly capture my personality of being a basic bitch on the inside but trying to present a brooding front.

"I couldn't resist the bargain..."

Reddit | Skaddi

Some bargains are just too good to turn down! You'd be hard pushed to beat those kinds of savings!

"His face says more than words ever could."

Reddit | TimeWaffle

Based on his expression, I don't think that he will have a girlfriend for much longer after this present.

"We received this in the mail today after leaving ‘Coco’ at a hotel. The staff rock! Now my 28 year old girlfriend can sleep soundly once more."

Reddit | rebirthandrecover

I bet the staff at this place absolutely thought that they were making a child's day, and not making the day of a 28-year-old woman.

"No more WebMD nonsense!"

Reddit | indian_inside

Google is so useful for so many things, but when it comes down to getting a medical diagnosis, you can't beat an actual doctor!

"Worth more than a thousand words."

Reddit | ImmobileLavishness

That looks like one hell of a resounding endorsement for that catnip to me! Although, do you have to buy the cat as well?

"Make breakfast a little more metal!"

Reddit | npdewey83

You mean that people don't call it "tree blood"? Well, no wonder my partner's family looked at me like a weirdo at breakfast.

"What did you expect?"

Reddit | TheRockzSG

Well, I suppose if you had sex with a TV then you might be understood for expecting a baby plasma screen... But you probably have bigger things to worry about if you're having sex with TVs.

"More proof the hood on lens is helpful."

Reddit | stopbanana

"I thought you wanted a close up?"

"You know this isn't what I meant."

"I don't give a hoot!"

"I guess I need more fibre in my diet."

Reddit | imgreekyo

I think you need to get out and do a little more exercise as well as getting more fiber into your diet. This ain't good, man!

"I might've forgotten my hat while at work but at least I wore my mask."

Reddit | ShoeEatingAssassin

Looks like you're going to be wearing that mask a lot more in the coming future, and not just for your own safety.

"Cactus stuck in their hair... somehow."

Reddit | lharry33

Apparently, this was a hanging cactus that they walked into. Of all the plants that I would want hanging in my house, a cactus would be at the bottom of the list!

"The lady at the courthouse neglected to tell me I was looking at the wrong camera."

Reddit | applesauzzy

I bet that woman at the courthouse got a proper laugh out of this. If I worked there, I would do this to people all the damn time!

"Told my daughter she could have a chocolate donut, but she has to give me half. I need to be more specific next time."

Reddit | fireflowreport

I guess that this person actually got less than they bargained for here, but this will teach them not to make this mistake again!

"It always bothered me that the dog got more detail than the man, so I removed it. I get it now."

Reddit | bootrot

Hmmm, yep, that really changes the tone of this park. Make sure to clean up after yourself though with one of these "Mutt Mitts."

"My aunt's attempt at homemade Peeps ended up looking more like unicorn poop."

Reddit | allie7792

Peeps taste like poop anyway. And not the cool kind of unicorn poop, just regular poop! Yeah, suck on that, peeps!

"My friend is allergic to absolutely everything."

Reddit | arzuros

I don't even know what they'd do in this instance except to just live inside of a bubble?

"Left beer in cooler outside."

Reddit | kd9dux

At least the beer will be nice and chilled when you rescue it from its icy hell...even if it does take you several hours to chip them all out!

"I hate flies. I was in a heated battle with one last night and I ended up trapping him in the freezer. I thought I had won."

Reddit | LameEskimo

With its final dying breath it made sure that it would get one final victory over you! I can respect this fly.

"Heard my cat screaming outside, found her stuck like this."

Reddit | smiley2billion

They went on to say that their cat got angry and grew tired of them when they started taking pictures of her, which I can fully imagine!

"When my unborn child eventually asks if I want to play a game, I'm unsure what I'll say."

Reddit | dirtybeats9

Jesus, that is absolutely terrifying. I think that I would be very wary of that baby if I were them!

"Got my gram a new apron for her 90th birthday. This is the moment she realized what was on it."

Reddit | peekab0o14

Her hand is moving in for a slap, and a righteous one, too. I hope he braced for it.

"Be careful what you wish for..."

Reddit | WolfPupGaming

So he's the one to blame for global warming? Wishing for different temperatures all willy nilly.

"My husband bet me I couldn't shave his foot without him waking up. This is what he woke up to this morning."

Reddit | Potatoprincessa

While you did win, you also gave him some dangerous knowledge. If he wants you to do anything, he just has to make a bet that you can't.

"What it's like working with all women and their lunch purses."

Reddit | Nyrfan82

Jealous because you don't have a cute lunch purse, aren't you?

"This is what defeat looks like."

Reddit | spklovestheusa

For her, maybe, but for the cat it's heaven. He's eating well tonight!

"Girls' room wasn't getting warm so I took apart their vent, I now have a great way to illustrate what it's like to have four children."

Reddit | AGuyYouNeverMet

What is it with kids and just stuffing things into whatever slot they can fit it through? It has the spirit of cleaning, but it really does the opposite.

Finally, some peace.

Reddit | poptart2000

It's good to know motherhood being an exhausting experience is a constant throughout the animal kingdom.

"An email went out this morning declaring free cookies in the lounge."

Reddit | AtTheLeftThere

I'd obviously be down for whiskey were it offered, but couldn't "cookies" have been code for whiskey and actual cookies?

"This dad saw his daughter at our local fair and didn’t like what she was wearing."

Reddit | amh404

This is evidence that confidence is what makes the outfit. They're both rocking their new looks!

Inadvertently Finding This In The Attic...

Reddit | lvnwk

The unfortunate person who posted this explained, "Went into my attic looking for a water leak coming into my living room and it appears that I'm also in quarantine with [...] whatever monstrosity left this behind. [It's] soft to the touch so I'm assuming it's still around."

A compelling argument.

Reddit | Realdeats

Yeah man, that's on you for eating all that dog kibble.

"I guess I should expect delays."

Reddit | cbear93

Legend has it that there are roadworks in the UK that have been "in progress" since the dawn of time, always with one sleeping, high vis-wearing man supposedly keeping vigil over the scene.