17+ Times People Found Themselves In Odd Situations

There are always people out there who are able to get themselves into truly baffling situations. I mean, everyone has that one friend who is always calling them up in absolutely ridiculous jams, right?

Well, the people on this list are no exception. Here are 17+ situations we never thought we'd find ourselves in!

"The milk situation at work is starting to get a little serious."

Reddit | banginthedead

I find that letting your milk go bad is another good way of keeping people off your milk. Although, then you just have off milk...

"Oops! Someone left the gas nozzle in..."

Reddit | woweewow

You'd think that if you pulled away from a pump and felt a bit of resistance, you would stop! However, that didn't stop this nutcase!

"You can drive on the beach here, how cool is that!!!"

Reddit | Frago242

I hope that you've got your little plastic spades with you, because you're gonna need to get digging before that tide comes in!

"Well... I think the image speaks for itself."

Reddit | S0Ldado_WC

At least it is still charging, I guess? It might not be in the best condition when you get where you are going, but it will have a full charge!

"So... my brother did a 'pRanK' and did this. We don't have a key."

Reddit | El_Garu_

Most of the time, I am not able to wear my glasses because I simply cannot find them, not due to the fact that my sibling has padlocked them.

"When the earthquake hits at the wrong time."

Reddit | lol62056

He doesn't look too phased by the whole experience to be honest. She, on the other hand, looks a little miffed!

"Anybody in the mood for fried chicken?"

Reddit | systematical1

I like the way that the chicken is looking back at the person taking the picture as though to say, "Yeah, check out what I've done to all your hard work. I don't give a cluck!"

"Started shaving my hair before my razor died, right before I go have dinner with my girlfriend's family."

Reddit | Supahsecretsauce

Your only choices here are to either be late and sort your hair out, or turn up on time but look like this!

"I'm in uh... a bit of a situation here pal."

Reddit | SeikoAki

There is a lot of regret in that second picture. However, you know for a fact that this dog is going to do it again immediately after they get him out.

"While I was cooking, my 3 year old son found my wallet during arts and crafts time."

Reddit | uglyassdude

He clearly has a good future as an artist! I mean, he blatantly doesn't care about money which is a good thing to get used to early on.

"No smoking and no speaking French!"

Reddit | M7plusoneequalsm8

I wonder what situation happened here in the past where they felt the need to put this sign up?! Or, maybe they just really hate the French?

"Leather Shop Opens After 53 Days Of Quarantine Only To Find All Of Their Products Had Molded!"

Reddit | finemenyak

I had no idea that this could even happen to leather? Apparently it is caused by humidity. The very idea of having to wear those shoes now is making me feel sick.

"Sir you are lost."

Reddit | jamatosoup

I genuinely cannot fathom how this situation would even come about! Tortoises aren't known for their incredible speeds after all!

"Sucks to suffer a kitchen invasion!"

Reddit | 9999monkeys

One person wrote, "Bamboo grows very fast. Go on vacation or if this is a summer home it could happen easily in any sort of raised home," and now I need to know if there are any bamboo experts out there to confirm this!

"I dropped clear thumbtacks onto my cheapo carpet."

Reddit | Qwerdio

Christ, there is your whole day gone! You also know that no matter how long you spend scrambling around on the floor gathering them up, there will be one you miss that will get you in the foot when you least expect it.

"I trust in 2020 like the guy that put trust in the tape [on] this column!"

Reddit | DocMartenso0

Who would have thought that we could have had a year so catastrophic that we'd feel more secure standing under a roof supported by that post? Yet, here we are!

"I ran over a full unopened gallon of ultra white enamel paint sitting on my garage floor. Notice the front window was down as well."

Reddit | daves-not-here-

I guess the moral of the story is to not leave gallons of paint lying around on the floor! They should probably try and do the same on the other side so that it balances out.

Trust Issues...

Reddit | Mypholis

Nobody likes to think that they will be friend-zoned by food cans, but it can happen to the best of us!

"I recently moved in with my GF and her dog. I don't think he trusts me."

Reddit | ricin_beans23

Yep, that dog definitely has something against you! I think you need to start buying him some treats to bribe him into liking you.

"On the plus side, I appear to have invented pre-sliced banana bread."

Reddit | glasgowwelder

That's going to be fun getting that bread out of there! You'd think they would know the bread was going to rise though. That's kind of what bread does in the oven!

"Daughter helped me wash my car but with a rock."

Reddit | rentalanimal

Ah, kids really are a delight, aren't they! They're just a constant ray of sunshine in their parents' lives!

"Lockdown renovations look so easy on Instagram."

Reddit | YouHaveGotRedOnYou

You'll just have to try and swing it as a new fashion statement. I don't think anyone will buy it, but it's your best shot!

"Our dog opened the upstairs door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required consoling before coming back inside."


When you're going to get a new dog, thinking that you might have to one day talk it down from the roof is not one of the things you really consider.

"Made weed oil the other night, spilled it, and left it. Possum decided to lick it off the patio, and ended up passed out in the backyard for 12 hours."

Reddit | ohluckyday

Better go get that possum some snacks, because he's gonna be snacky when he wakes up. That's for sure. Who would ever think that they would one day have a stoned possum on their hands?

"My sister's attempt at drawing Miley Cyrus somehow ended up as [Nicolas] Cage."

Reddit | mwr247

You would never think that Miley Cyrus could end up looking like Nicolas Cage, and yet here it is! A true modern horror story!

"The situation at my [friend's] apartment right now..."

Reddit | soupoder

They always look so adorable, but wild raccoons can be absolutely vicious! Don't fall for that too-cute routine!

"Walked through a fly strip this morning. Spent an hour shampooing glue and fly guts out of my hair."

Reddit | queendank

Now they know how the flies feel I guess? I think that the only way out of that is to cut it out!

"The situation is growing dire in Australia."

Reddit | FutureLizard

Nobody should be without chicken nuggets. It's just not natural! I wonder if anyone out there heard their prayers and airdropped some in.

"My high school gov teacher put himself on a cover of Forbes and read it on a plane while he sat in first class for the first time in his life."

Reddit | toxicbob12

Good for him. He's shooting for the recognition I'm sure he deserves. Manifesting it, if you will.

"When you run out of things to talk about."

Reddit | DanielGardner

"So...did you catch the game last night?"



"As a teacher, I find this hilarious."

Reddit | mathmagician12

We all just have to keep saying this until we find the absolute best kids. They'll be our future.

"Somebody lost their Lost DVDs at the bus stop."

Reddit | NickLeMec

Now you must pick them up and lose them elsewhere, where a stranger will pick them up and lose them somewhere else. And so on and so forth.

Keep Your Distance.

Reddit | fly-me-to-the-moon

If you want to enforce a barrier, this is probably the best way to do it without hiding security!

"My dad thought he was home alone. I had to see why he was laughing so hard."

Reddit | j_piper

I'm glad he still seems pretty chipper about being caught. I don't even think I could look at myself in the mirror in that costume without feeling shame regarding my purchase.

"I was running late for work and couldn't find her leash, this is how I walked my dog this morning."

Reddit | i_browse_at_work

I feel a kinship with this dog. Our motivations lie in the same worldly possession: Doritos.

"Moment of panic this morning when someone told me my caulk was hanging out in the parking lot."

Reddit | Frisky_Dingos

"Your caulk is falling out."


"Yeah, there's a hole in your bag."

"OH MY— Wait, what?"

"I know we've all thought about it."

Reddit | Kooba9

We have all indeed thought about it. Wanna know how to stop that thought in its tracks? Remember how expensive car repair is.

"I thought there was a severed finger in my fruit bowl. It was just some ginger."

Reddit | Seawench41

I think I'll be specifically carving my ginger roots like this from now on. Get that Halloween spirit going all year 'round.

"She was being so quiet, we thought she fell asleep. Nope, just silently applying butt paste to her face."


She looks really mad that you interrupted her good time. "What, you got a problem? Are we gonna have an issue here?"

Childhood Joys.

Reddit | DocPhillips

Or cathood fears, I guess. He's probably freaking out because while he's soaring, he's not landing on his feet anywhere and he doesn't get it.

"I also like to hide things in my house while renovating. This will be under the carpet in the basement when we move."

Reddit | MayorOfClownTown

The addition of candles here makes me think this was used before it was covered. You're leaving them a fun paint prank and a demon haunting the place!

"Thought it was weird I never heard the toothbrush hit the floor."

Reddit | Simplystayce

The human mouth is pretty gross, so I think they're on equal ground in terms of nastiness going into this situation. Throw them both out.

"Lesson learned ⏤ don't trust just any tourist to take your photo."

Reddit | batmanfantasy

At least now they have a slightly unconventional picture with the leaning tower of Pisa, I guess?

"It was bath time and my son thought he had the perfect hiding spot as long as he stayed quiet."

Reddit | Guardian_Isis

Normally I support pretending to not see your kid even when they're hiding poorly, but...he really needs a bath.

"My mailbox was blown up by lightning last night."

Reddit | bytorthesnowdog

I hope there were some bills in there when it was destroyed! Imagine that being your excuse for not paying a bill: "Sorry, I didn't get the bill. It was hit by lightning!"