11+ DIYers Who Gave Vintage Furniture A Modern Makeover

Alright: Wood purists, look away. There be painted wood here.

Upcycling furniture is a booming business. It's more sustainable than big box furniture, and it's a really creative way to make something old new again! So buckle in, cast aside that wood purity, and get ready.

Let's kick things off with this midcentury dream.

Oh my god, the LINES on this dresser! I couldn't be more in love. I also really appreciate that they left some of the wood exposed, but added in a really stylish hue of green.

A purple hutch dream, truly.

Guys. This purple hutch. It's such a stunner. I like that they refinished the top of the middle part to keep some of the wood vibe, but really went for it with the paint.

This table has a vintage sewing machine base.

Instagram | @puckpieces

Not sure what to do with a vintage sewing machine that has seen better days? Maybe... turn it into a table? Look how gorgeous that is! It would look great in any home office.

Some people get super artsy with it.

Those roses on the side drawers are so beautiful! I love when artists put their flair on furniture, because it always elevates the piece to a whole other level.

This standard table got a great makeover.

We've all seen that table. Most of us have owned that table. And many of us have hated that table. But if it had been painted like this one? Well, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, you know?

Another midcentury modern dream.

The before picture is perfectly fine, but not overly unique. The after? So cool, so chic, and so stylish. The two tones really play well off of each other.

I mean, black is always a good idea.

The paint job on this one was very deliberately done to leave the wood grain visible. It really adds an air of antique to an actual antique piece.

This stain work is totally unique.

Rather than going for paint, this makeover was done with different-colored stains. The color blocking has a throwback and modern vibe at the same time!

Gold? Don't mind if I do.

Yes, I'm one of those people who thinks gold belongs on everything. We exist. The gold foil on the edges of this dresser seriously make the whole thing stand out.

This midcentury restoration follows the original lines of the dresser.

It also introduces a more playful air to the dresser. Those rounded curves are to die for, aren't they? And that grey-blue plays beautifully with the wood tones.

This buffet is a lovely study of contrasts.

It definitely retains that mid-century charm that is so popular right now, but the black paint really adds a modern twist to it. I love the little hidden polka dot drawer detail!

This gives me major desert vibes.

The cream tone on the sides, the orange, and the wood all come together to really remind me of Arizona. The artist calls it "boho style," which I can totally see!

This is an ombré fantasy.

Look at those legs! The dark purple fades beautifully into the lighter purple, and the gold foil along the sides is a dream. I would put this in my house in a hot minute.

Mint is such a timeless color.

I love makeovers that make you question whether the piece was actually designed that way the whole time. The mint here is such a perfect shade.

The lines on this dresser are gorgeous.

Look at the handles along the tops of the drawers! Paired with those legs? Come on, this is a piece of art. I want this in my house, too. Blush furniture > all other furniture.

Also, maybe I painted an Ikea piece this exact color. What? It's pretty!

Reupholstery projects are truly everything.

These chairs were given a gorgeous new fabric in the form of a medium purple velvet. I'm obsessed with how beautifully the fabric goes with those gold legs!

This is a true compromise.

Instagram | @emporiumkdesigns

The front was left mostly untouched, merely refinished with a stain. The front pulls were done in gold, and the sides were obviously painted in that gorgeous green. I love it.

So, can I buy this?

There's no room for it in my apartment, but I kind of need it. Those gold handles are so interesting! It looks like the middle panels might actually lift up. Ugh, this is so cool.

Make it Gothic.

Honestly, the shape of this cabinet clock was begging to take on that Gothic vibe. This is so stunning and so fitting for a big ol' clock like that one.

Let's get some navy up in here.

The lines on this buffet have me actually swooning. The trim work around those totally unique handles? I've never seen anything like that. I love that the top is still that gorgeous wood, too.

Another gorgeous vintage sewing machine makeover!

There is just something about vintage sewing machines that is irresistible — especially when they come in a gorgeous shade of mint green! I would love to add this vanity to my bedroom ASAP.

This vanity is sitting pretty.

There's so much attention to detail here. The rounded edges of the mirror really tie in with the retro vibe this dressing table is clearly going for!