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Pub Owner Installs Electric Fence Around Bar To Keep Customers At Safe Distance

Although we've been living in this new normal of face masks and social distancing for months now, there are definitely still people out there in the world who are reluctant to abide by policies only meant to keep everyone as safe as possible.

But one English pub owner is determined to make sure his patrons all keep their distance, and he's come up with a pretty shocking way of ensuring that they do.

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Jonny McFadden, who runs the Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall, has installed an electric fence to encourage thirsty customers to back up.

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Ever since bars and restaurants began reopening in England earlier this month, owners have had to get pretty creative to maintain safety measures while still efficiently running their locations.

And according to McFadden, the addition of an electric fence at his business has definitely done the trick.

When the Star Inn was first opening its doors again, McFadden knew he'd have to do something to help keep the bar as safe as possible.

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"To protect staff and myself and my customers you have to put in the meter [distancing] rule," he told CNN.

First he considered simply adding a rope or chain across the front of the bar to keep patrons at bay. But he didn't think that would really do the trick. So instead, he got a little more creative and opted for an electric fence, not unlike the kind you would see installed in a farm field.

It shouldn't be surprising at all to learn that the addition of an electric fence has certainly inspired customers to keep their distance.

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Although the fence is usually kept turned off, just the sight of it is enough to deter people from getting too close to the bar.

"Everybody thinks it's on and they keep well away from it," McFadden said. "It's the fear factor. It's working very well."

The fence has also earned plenty of laughs from pub-goers who appreciate McFadden's humor.

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"It was quite comical," he told CNN of the response it received. "We're in a rural area so everybody knows what an electric fence is. I got a little sign too on it - 'electric, danger.'"

Photos of the bar's newest decor piece have been shared all over the internet, with many applauding pub owner McFadden for his creative take on social distancing measures.

That being said, not everyone is terribly impressed by the threat of electrocution inside the popular watering hole.

In an interview with BBC, McFadden admitted that his insurance broker wasn't necessarily pleased with the fence.

"He was a bit worried but then that is what he is there for," McFadden explained. "He rang a nephew of mine and said 'I hope he is not electrocuting people'. Well, come and find out if I am."

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