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Makeup Artist Creates Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions On Her Body With Makeup

While makeup may traditionally be seen as something we put on to enhance our natural beauty, people prove, time and time again, that makeup is more than that— it's a tool to fuel creativity.

One makeup artist uses other parts of her body to create the wildest optical illusions that will have you doing a double take.

To say Mimi Choi is a talented makeup artist is a complete understatement.

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Mimi isn't just good at doing makeup—she's a makeup wizard.

Just check out the optical illusions she creates on her body.

While you may be wondering if Photoshop has a hand in this at all, I'm here to tell you that's not the case at all.

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Illusion makeup is totally Mimi's lane.

Can you believe she was going to be a preschool teacher?

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Yep. She told Bored Panda she felt constrained creatively going down that path, and ended up enrolling at Vancouver's Blanche Macdonald Centre to pursue a makeup career instead.

Mimi's story is definitely a lesson in following your heart and gut.

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And you never know. You may be able to meet Jeff Goldblum like she did!