14+ Illuminating Pics That Show How Much Things Can Change

With every second that passes, everybody gets a little older. The world changes a little more.

There's nothing we can do about it, so instead of lamenting it, why not embrace it? After all, change is constant. Change is also way more interesting than static sameness.

If you ever feel like you're living the plot of Groundhog Day, these pics should convince you that things keep on changing.

Nothing but echoes now.

Reddit | dominicmannphoto

This used to be a dirt racetrack in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bleachers are still there, but the roar of the engines has been gone for decades now.

What's next?

Reddit | [deleted]

These two photos were taken in 1989 and 1998 respectively — less than a decade apart. I wonder if this store now says 'Tablets' in the same lettering.

Same bees, different seasons.

Reddit | Maahee_2

These three jars of honey came from the same bees, but are dramatically different in color because they were produced in different seasons. Because the bees are taking in different nutrients at different times, it affects the color of their honey.

The north side.

Reddit | jay_m

Chicago is an old city, but it's still seen a lot of sprawl over the decades. These two photos show the same intersection on the city's north side, 130 years apart.

Time for another?

Reddit | code_lazar420

The Devil's Bridge in Ceredigion, Wales, owes its unusual look to the fact that it's literally three different bridges, from three different eras, all sitting on top of each other.

Barely recognizable.

Reddit | jeandolly

The top photo shows the island of Urk in the Netherlands. The bottom photo shows what was once the island of Urk, only it's become settled and isn't an island anymore.

Pacific Northwest weather...

Reddit | javiercer20

If you live in Seattle or in the area, this pic probably resonates with you. A foggy, foreboding day can turn into a day of dazzling sunshine in just fifteen minutes.

After the Troubles.

Reddit | YourGalwayHooker

You're looking at the same woman and the same intersection in Derry (known to some as Londonderry), Northern Ireland. The 1969 photo shows the chaos of the Troubles, while the 2019 photo shows how far things have come.

Slimmed down.

Reddit | yungdenzel

It's incredible that laptops have become so compact in the 21st century while they were absolute bricks in the 20th century. This pic shows the difference that 25 years makes.

The edge of the solar system.

Reddit | [deleted]

Things on Pluto probably haven't changed much between 1994 and 2019, but the technology used to photograph the former planet has changed a ton. The photo on the left represents our best look at Pluto in 1994.

Well loved.

Reddit | opesrry

A Redditor found the exact same model of their childhood teddy bear on eBay, so they picked it up. It's interesting to compare the wear and tear that a child's play can put on a beloved object.


Reddit | Hell_Camino

What was once a highway in Utrecht, Netherlands is now a canal. Sometime between the early 80s and the 21st century, they made the conversion. You'd hardly know it was ever anything but a canal.

The miracle of selective breeding.

Reddit | Thiccbegs

Two thousand years ago, modern corn didn't exist. The closest thing was a coarse, inedible grass-like plant called teosinte. Over generations, it was cultivated into corn, somehow.

Growing up.

Reddit | lachlanhd

In 2000, Melbourne, Australia was a big city with a respectable skyline. In 2020, it's a bustling metropolis of more than five million people. Some projections say it'll have a bigger population than Sydney someday.

One good eye.

Reddit | legodarthvader

It's wild how eyes can have such varied prescriptions. This is why it's important to always make sure you're putting contact lenses into the correct eyes.

Embrace the night air.

Reddit | SaltySaltySultan

These are pumpkin leaves. On the left, you can see how much they shrivel up during the heat of the day. On the right, you can see them open up again once the heat has lifted.

Mom versus baby.

Reddit | PaperPonies

These horse hooves show the difference between the size of an adult horse's foot and that of a younger colt. Clearly the youngster has a lot of growing to do.


Reddit | Fishbulb77

Paper money always looks drab and boring, with everything rendered in shades of green. But once it's colored it, the scenes take on an entirely new life.

Can't even see the mountains anymore.

Reddit | bluebrey

China is full of cities that are growing at an almost inconceivable rate. The road into Shenzhen, China was a dusty, lonely drive in 1984. Now it's a little bit different.

The more things change...

Reddit | issa_adnan2

To go the other way for a moment, check out these pics of Oxford in the U.K. Things have barely changed at all between 1810 and 2020. In fact, things have barely changed for the past thousand years or so.

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