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Cheeky 'Please Don't Die' Planters Are Perfect For Those Who Need Good Green Thumb Vibes

Raise your hand if you can't stop buying plants, but you also can't seem to stop accidentally killing them either? I'm right there with ya. Don't even bring a succulent or any tropical plant close to me! I'm basically Timmy Turner's mom from The Fairly OddParents.

Just because our green thumbs are basically nonexistent doesn't mean we're going to give into the fake plant world anytime soon, and these plant pots will hopefully bring us good green thumb karma.

If your green thumb isn't the most vibrant, but you refuse to stop collecting plants, this planter couldn't be more perfect.

Etsy | PixieCutsBoutique

This cheeky four inch personalized pot is from Etsy seller PixieCutsBoutique.

This is truly the motto for many of us as we nervously go to give our plant baby a drink of water.

Etsy | Sabrina

For $10, I'd say it's worth a try to see if it brings us good green thumb vibes!

If you're looking for a more confident approach, check out this "I Will Survive" planter. If your plant's home thinks good thoughts, then good things should happen, right?

Etsy | GoHugACactus

This planter is $15 from Etsy seller GoHugACactus.

These planters definitely belong with one another to help emanate all the good energy your plants need to live their best life!

What plants do you have difficulty keeping alive? Let us know!