Getty Images | Ron Galella

Twitter Is Thirsty For '90s Throwback Pic Of Christopher Meloni

Have you guys seen how THRISTY Twitter is for Christopher Meloni right now?

Let's be fair, Twitter is always thirsty for Chris Meloni. And who can blame them?! The man is hot hot HOT!

So when Twitter sleuths uncovered a throwback pic of Chris Meloni from a bar opening in the '90s, fans could truly not keep it together!

Let's take a stroll down thirsty Twitter today, shall we?

Hi, this is Christoper Meloni. He is a mega hottie, did you forget?

No, of course you didn't! But incase you needed a reminder of how hot he has ALWAYS been, I have a gorgeous stroll down memory lane for you.


Getty Images | Ron Galella

Have you ever seen a more iconic '90s stud muffin pic than this? The chain. The earring. The airbrush Popeye shirt.

Naturally, Twitter could not keep it together.

"I want to know what his endgame was with this look," one Twitter fan wrote "like do you think he looked in the mirror and was like “yes. this is the one. this will whip them into a frenzy in 30 years.”

I mean, surely he knew he was making history with this ~lewk~ right???

You don't pic out hoop earring and a Popeye shirt and not expect to make the history of smexy books, ya know?

The smirk. It's like he knows we're from the future!

He also looks like he has a waterproof watch on. Ugh, I swoon!

I know Chris is all dedicated to his role on the new Law & Order spinoff but couldn't he just go on Insta for like an HOUR and recreate this look?!