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Man Cleverly Upcycles Krispy Kreme Box Into Functioning Face Shield

Andy Clockwise isn't just an entertaining magician for parties and events, he's also a pretty crafty magician who magically turned a Krispy Kreme box into a face shield to wear out during the pandemic.

Plastic face shields have become a necessary accessory among frontline workers during the pandemic, since they protect the eyes and can be easily sanitized.

YouTube | Andy Clockwise

And while they're not commonplace for everyone, British magician Andy Clockwise found a pretty clever and creative way to easily make your own using a Krispy Kreme box.

In a short one minute and 47 second tutorial on YouTube, the magician shows viewers how it's done.

YouTube | Andy Clockwise

You don't need any wild materials, either. All you'll need is a Krispy Kreme box, some tape, scissors, and a little humor.

He cuts up the sides of the box to where the window starts, folds the tabs up to form a crease, and folds back down into a diagonal, taping it shut.

Then, he wraps it around his head to find the most comfortable position and cuts slits into the "straps" so that they can attach together.

YouTube | Andy Clockwise

This pretty much reminds me of grade two art class.

Slip the finished product over your head and you have your own face shield!

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Who knew Krispy Kreme would lean into the PPE world?

Of course, as inventive as Andy's face shield is, it's not CDC-approved, so always follow their guidelines for proper PPE use.

However, if you do want to give the face shield a try for fun and giggles, check out his tutorial below.

The best part? You get some donuts out of it!