Quotes For When You Just Can't Handle Awful People Right Now

Is it just me or has the world begun to collectively lose patience with each other?

It's as though after being cooped up at home, removed from the day-to-day social habits of forced politeness or smiling-and-nodding through co-workers' inane small talk, the "manners" of the outside word have begun to fade away.

For better or worse.

Sure, removing the socially acceptable filter has resulted in some... strife.

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When people begin to skip the platitudes and actually say what they think, things will get ugly at first.

Finding out an acquaintance is a misogynist because they're out of the habit of pretending otherwise can be a big shock.

Many people are learning things about friends and family that they never truly knew before.


Relationships are breaking down over vast differences in opinion or morals that previously were hidden behind the unspoken rules of politeness.

At the same time, we are also learning who our truest, most honest friends are.

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Ultimately, I choose to see that as hopeful. Massive, societal change is hard and no one wants to lose friends or familial bonds, but when the storm is over, renewal is possible.

In the end, even if you thought you were close to someone until you learned about their questionable, hidden morals, then were you ever that close?

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The people that stick with you through the storm will have built even stronger bonds with you, based on honesty and respect. You may not share the same opinions on things, but you all will have learned to listen and communicate better.

Things are hard now and a lot of people are being awful, but you can and will get through it.