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Bud Light Has A Strawberry Lemonade Flavor That Will Make Anyone A Beer Drinker This Summer

It used to be that you were either a beer drinker, or you weren't. Unpopular opinion over here, but until craft breweries started popping off, beer just wasn't that tasty. Sure, it feels a bit thirst-quenching after or during a hot day in the sun, but there's no, like, flavor, save that sharp malty bitterness at the back and sides of the tongue from all the hops.

However, beer has certainly evolved over the years to welcome a diverse range of palates, and Bud Light's latest shandy-type beer will bring more people over to the beer side this summer.

Bud Light has been stepping away from their tried and true lager flavor and leaning more and more into the fruity world.

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This year, they've released a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade flavor for a giant nod to a classic summer flavor.

Like their other fruity flavors, the combination here surprisingly works.

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The sweet strawberry and tangy tart lemonade make it feel like you're drinking a light cooler rather than a more pungent radler.

If you want to give this flavor a try, you'll have to be living in Canada, unfortunately.

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And if you do live in Canada, you can find these at your local beer or liquor store.

But Americans need not worry too much, because Natural Light has their own version to give a try.

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We can't confirm that these flavors are identical, but they're definitely fraternal twins or at least siblings.

Will you be joining the beer side to give these a try? Let us know!

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