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Jamie Lee Curtis Is Upset That 'Irregardless' Is Officially A Word — And She Should Be

I've long since outgrown my "obsessed with grammar" phase that I had in high school where I constantly corrected other people's spelling and grammar mistakes. Not only was it kind of annoying, but it was opening myself up for people to point out my own mistakes, since everyone, no matter how great their grasp of grammar is, makes mistakes.

Including, apparently, Merriam-Webster.

When I saw Jamie Lee Curtis' tweet, I thought she must be wrong.

Once I went to the website to check, I was flabbergasted. There it is! Sure, they note that it's "nonstandard," but they consider it officially a real word.

Irregardless shouldn't be a word, because it adds nothing to the meaning of the word "regardless" that already existed!

I know language is always evolving, but I'm going to be a stickler on this one.

If common mispronunciations and mistakes can brute force their way into the dictionary, what sanctuary is left for the nerdiest among us?

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