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Ricky Gervais Believes Cancel Culture Is Ruining Comedy

Ricky Gervais is speaking out about his distain for cancel culture because big shocker, a comedian is upset about being told what he should and shouldn't say!

As the original creator of The Office a show known for pushing the envelope, it's no wonder Ricky has a series of strong thoughts about cancel culture.

Ricky Gervais is known for saying *whatever* he wants. He's just whacky like that!

So when he took to social media to celebrate the 19 year anniversary of his OG The Office TV show, he reflected on what a different time that was!

"19 years today since David Brent hit our screens. So glad you remembered to thank him. And remember, Live Fast, Die Old," he wrote.

Chatting with Times Radio the 59-year-old believes he wouldn't be able to make a show like The Office in 2020.

"Now [The Office] would suffer because people would take things literally," he said. "There are these outrage mobs who take things out of context.

"This was a show about everything - it was about difference, it was about sex, race, all the things that people fear to even be discussed or talked about now, in case they say the wrong thing and they are cancelled," he explained.

"The BBC have got more and more careful, people want to keep their jobs, so would worry about some of the subjects and jokes, even though they were clearly ironic and we were laughing at this buffoon being uncomfortable around difference," he continued.

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"I think if this was put out now, some people have lost their sense of irony and context."

The 59-year-old also says social media means that everyone has a voice and what used to be regarded as genuine discussion has now been turned into "two tribes of people screaming."

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He concluded: "Some people now don't care about the argument or the issue, they just want to own someone, they want to win the argument."

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