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The Hallmark Channel Is Releasing Its Own Christmas-Inspired Wines For The Ultimate Holiday Wine Night

Even the toughest film critics have to admit Hallmark Christmas movies are a necessary slice of utopia we need, especially these days. Sure, the movies all follow the same sort of storyline and everything seems to happen as perfectly as an uninterrupted dream, but that's exactly what makes them so alluring and addicting.

And we all know a Hallmark Christmas movie-watching night isn't complete without some wine, which Hallmark is hooking up.

Consider your Hallmark Christmas movie night complete, because Hallmark is releasing their own lineup of Christmas-inspired wines.

It was about time!

They have a red Cabernet Sauvignon called Jingle and a white Sauvignon Blanc called Joy, two wines that everyone can enjoy.

Hallmark Channel Wines

Each 750 ml bottle is $14 plus shipping and tax, and you can get both in a bundle for $28, which you can pre-order NOW and expect to arrive just in time for Hallmark Christmas movie szn.

Of course, you're going to need something to drink it in, and Hallmark has the *perfect* wine glass for the occasion.


This glass is the only appropriate glass to drink their wine from.

And don't forget about the drinking game to add even more fun to the occasion!

We thought 2020 couldn't be salvaged, but it looks like it's turning around for the better.

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