10+ Interesting Body 'Life Hacks' We Didn't Even Know Were A Thing

Our bodies are pretty gosh darn amazing, aren't they? And we might think we know just about everything there is to know about them. I mean, there's even a saying about this perceived knowledge. That is, you know something like the back of your hand.

But thanks to one Reddit post, we're finding out that there's actually quite a few hidden tricks about our bodies that most of us probably never even realized before. Some are helpful, while others are just downright surprising.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to become reacquainted with your own flesh suit. (Yeah, I also hated it as soon as I wrote it, but let's all just move on.)

Diply does not endorse these hacks and is merely passing on information posted to Reddit.

"Mouth sweats."

Besides the not-so-great lurching, bubbling feeling your stomach can get, is there any other warning sign your body gives to tell you you're about to throw up? Well, actually yes.

As this Reddit user revealed, your mouth will fill up with saliva right before you upchuck in an effort to protect the throat from the harmful acid inside your stomach, so that's usually a pretty good indication that vomit is on its way. Another user quite appropriately called this phenomenon, "mouth sweats."

Make that pesky Adam's Apple disappear while shaving.

Fellas, you know how hard it can be to shave your neck without catching your razor on that mound protruding from your throat. To prevent those sort of unpleasant nicks, simply make your Adam's Apple disappear.

It's actually easier than it sounds. As this user explained, simply swallow as you swipe your razor down over your "apple", and it will briefly disappear long enough for you get a nice, clean shave there.

Tired of treading water?

Unsplash | Marcis Berzins

As this Reddit user explained, there's an easier way to keep your head above water if your legs and arms get tired:

"Instead of treading water and tiring yourself out, float on your back by arching your spine and pushing your hips up toward the sky. Spread your limbs out and use small movements with your arms to stabilize. Contemplate life."

Pull-up like a pro.

Believe it or not, you can actually help make pull-ups easier on your body by following this fascinating mental trick.

Rather than focusing on the act of pulling your body up, think instead about pulling your elbows down. It'll actually force you to use the muscles in your back more, rather than just in your arms.

Gag reflex be gone!

Wordpress | girlswhobox

If you're someone (like me) who has a super sensitive gag reflex that makes swallowing pills and even brushing your teeth a nightmare, there's definitely a body hack for you!

Squeezing your left thumb inside your palm while making a fist can help to ease your gag reflex. Applying pressure to this point will take your mind off the gag-inducing action, thus relaxing your throat muscles.

When nature calls, but you can't answer it right away.

If you suddenly feel a strong urge to use the bathroom, but are for whatever reason unable to get to one at that moment, there just might be a way to help your body ignore that call.

As this user explained, thinking about excruciating pain can actually help distract yourself from the need to go number one. (But make sure this is only a temporary fix, as holding in urination for too long can be seriously bad for your body.)

Night vision.


If you ever find yourself having to get up in the middle of the night, like when you have to use the bathroom, try keeping one closed when you turn on a light. That way, you'll still be able to see in the dark when you go back to bed again.

Fun fact: this is actually the reason why pirates wore eye patches. It wasn't because they were missing an eye ball, it was so that they could be able to see in the dark below deck. The more you know!

When panic attacks.

This user pointed out that if you ever find yourself hyperventilating or suffering from a panic attack, placing a cold water bottle between your nose and cheeck, and holding your breath for 30 seconds, will help your body relax itself.

This is all thanks to the physiological response known as the mammalian dive reflex, which is built into our physiology as part of our evolution. When mammals dive into cold water, their heartbeat slows, and so does this breathing. We can simulate this same innate reflex by using cold water bottles.

Drawing a blank during an important test?

Unsplash | Wadi Lissa

Apparently if you're struggling to remember the answer to a question while you're writing a test or exam, switching up your position can help you remember.

This will actually help you think differently, and will hopefully open up that part of the brain where you stored all the crucial information you're currently totally blanking on.

When your heart is just a hunk of burning love.


Do you struggle with bedtime heartburn and indigestion? It's definitely not fun. But this Reddit user just might have the solution for you:

"If you have stomach acid issues, indigestion or wake up with stomach aches, sleep on your left side, it will lower the chance of stomach acid leaking into your intestine (indigestion) or esophagus (heartburn)."

Hands-down the best cool-down.


If the summer sun really starts getting to you, or you feel like your body might be overheating, try pouring cold water on your wrists to help cool yourself down.

As this user explained, "The reason this remedy works is because your wrist and neck both contain pulse points, areas where you can feel your pulse because your blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin."