15+ People Who Accomplished...Something

Sense of accomplishment is a great feeling. Now, what you accomplish is totally up to you. The nice thing is that you don't have to be a hero to feel a sense of accomplishment.

You don't need to build a house or anything. Really, you can do anything you want. So long as you're able to feel accomplished afterwards, it all works.

Well, she won't lose it.

Reddit | Compact8909

There are all kinds of ways to quickly identify your luggage at the baggage carousel: choose a distinctive color, put some straps on it, or just, y'know, put your whole freakin' face on it.

Nice try.

Reddit | bakachwan

Someone posted this, saying it represented their mom's effort at saving a rubber glove. If you've ever used rubber gloves before, you know this isn't going to work.

Well-thought-out idea.

Reddit | dhruveishp

Phone cases exist in all shapes and sizes, but until now, there's never been a phone case that would make everyone in the vicinity fear for their lives when you take a call.


Reddit | Sebastian294

The guy who posted this said he's sick of his meat shrinking when it's cooked, so this is his solution. I mean...the only way to stop it from shrinking is to just not cook it in the first place.


Reddit | griffithdidnthwrong

Look, I love cats. I'll happily fill my home with cat-based art. But I have to draw the line somewhere, and this woodcut that focuses heavily on a cat's backside is probably where I stop.


Reddit | 2naFied

Have you ever been so proud of your car that you've redesigned your entire dining room to feature a glassed-in garage? Yeah, me neither. Maybe it's because I drive a Civic.

Somebody's watching you.

Reddit | Beras11

These bathroom tiles represent an interesting idea. But in practice, it'll feel like you're doing your business in the middle of a tiny apartment block as dozens of tiny people watch.

Sweet rims.

Reddit | sn0rk95

Rims are big business. But so many of the ways to pimp your ride have been done before. If you want to try something truly unique, why not cover your wheels with, uh, stucco?

Not terrifying at all.

Reddit | NemoVivet

To get kids to wear gas masks during the Second World War, manufacturers tried to make the masks less intimidating by giving them the Mickey Mouse treatment. They accomplished their goal, I'll give them that.

Home away from home.

Reddit | Aaron4_6

This was spotted on a road somewhere in the U.S. There's a lot to take in — too much to get into in this limited space. Let's just focus on how the door is really just two thirds of a door.


Reddit | SomeNorwegianChick

I respect the dedication to having a unique haircut. I respect the clean lines. That's it. Those are the only two nice things I can say about this guy's look.

Perfect synergy.

Reddit | Tazzit

This person managed to find a mug and a brand of orange juice that perfectly match each other. This is the kind of accomplishment that's satisfying, but totally meaningless.

Keep the rain out.

Reddit | Yurt_dweller

Vehicles tend to do a pretty good job of keeping the weather out, but if you really want to rainproof your truck, nothing less than a full coat of shingles will do the trick.

Groovy, man.

Reddit | BleuDePrusse

Back in 1972, things were different. In some ways, things were simpler. In other ways, they were weirder and more complicated. What else could possibly explain this hamburger bed?

Bizarro quarters.

Reddit | JustinTimeCuber

"I coated some quarters in copper using electricity," wrote the guy who posted this. I don't know what that means, or why one would do it, but I don't doubt his story.

Welcome to the bathroom.

Reddit | condomonsteroid

This takes skill. I certainly couldn't do it. It just seems like a weird place to focus your artistic visions. It's also awkward for whoever uses the toilet next.

Is it art?

Reddit | riverrattn

Yes, some service center in Nebraska decided to re-create the hookah-smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland entirely out of tires. It looks pretty cool. It also has zero purpose.

No thanks.

Reddit | TheBizzareKing

This makeup artist has created something that looks like Peppa Pig from exactly one specific angle, and looks like a horrifying nightmare from every other conceivable angle.

Real-time evidence.

Reddit | obvnotlupus

This contractor gets in the cabinets he builds to prove how sturdy they are, so he's a contractor and a contortionist. A man of many talents.

"My chef just told me there was a massive leak in the kitchen ceiling."

Reddit | JohnR1993

Phew, that's a big one, could be a safety hazard. Not for flooding, but what if it falls and bonks someone on the head?

A secret message.

Reddit | pixelfetish

It makes you feel special and totally badass for recycling, which is the best way to promote more recycling!

Hidden in plain sight.

Reddit | tokey2000

When the princesses at Disney need to be moved around when they're not acting, they're given these robes to hide under. Not sure it makes them any less conspicuous, though.

A working man.

Reddit | Gwensaur

Today I learned that Home Depot gift cards come in little aprons. I also learned those aprons fit chickens. I also learned this chicken is named Crouton, which I love.

Got what you asked for.

Reddit | maddipotter28

This person told her boyfriend she wanted a golden retriever for her birthday, and, well...your boyfriend has a bright future ahead as a dad with all these jokes he's got.

This is the future.

Reddit | xXHardKoreXx

This user wrote, "Friend posted this to Facebook, 'how I cut my lawn when it's 98 degrees'." We can laugh all we want, but this is genius. Anything to stay inside my nice, cool house.

Keeping dry.

Reddit | Kalvin74

Outside Bandai HQ in Tokyo is this "Mametchi" statue that, when it rains, gets a little raincoat! Completely impractical and useless, but it's cute which is all that really matters.

Such gloss.

Reddit | Roctopus420

It looks like a giant Milk Dud or something, but it's actually a coconut that's been polished so thoroughly it doesn't even look like a coconut anymore. I guess it's a conversation piece.

An interesting gift choice.

Reddit | oxidationpudding

This user's grandma made them an Emilio Estevez ball when they were twelve. Couldn't tell you why, least it's a unique present?

"Our groomer made a toupee out of our corgi’s hair."

Reddit | CorgiRawr

Now he doesn't have to worry about his receding fur line!

It's the Pringles guy!

Reddit | HunkStache

This dude is humbly asking Pringles to consider him in case they ever need a real-life human version of their cartoon mascot. I mean, they could definitely do a lot worse.