11+ Versatile Ways To Use A Pool Noodle Around The House

If you clicked on this thinking, "Pool noodles? Seriously?" then you are about to have your whole attitude turned around.

See: pool noodles. As it turns out, they are incredibly versatile. We're talking using them for everything from fun crafts to actual hacks for your home. Let's see what pool noodles can apparently do, shall we?

Let's start out with something adorable.

It's a puppy gate! Designed to keep short little corgi legs from trotting their way into a room they're not meant to be in. All I have to say on this hack: Let him run! Let him run!

Use one to store your art supplies!

This is something I should do, tbh. You don't have to feel bad about getting paint on it, and it's the perfect place to dry them after a wash!

Alright, this is pretty genius.

Garage storage is a serious home improvement issue, guys. Garages are so messy! One way to keep fishing poles organized and stop them from bending: pool noodles!

Soften trampoline bounces and protect your legs from those coils.

I think we all know the feeling of hitting the coils when bouncing, don't we? This hack is great to protect little knees and feet from experiencing the same pain we did!

This is HILARIOUSLY genius.

Don't have a detachable head on your tap? Can't hold the bucket up because water = heavy? Use a pool noodle and bypass that whole problem entirely. This is so funny and so smart.

We definitely need to get crafty up in here.

Stamping is a great way to contain paint to one surface, especially if small hands are involved. You could make cute fruit shapes with the pool noodles!

Get crafty!

Some people use pool noodles to make wreaths, and it's pretty obvious that they're pool noodles. Others upgrade them so much that the pool noodle becomes unclockable. This is the latter.

Give your pool (or tub, no judgment) some ambient lighting!

First of all, please don't do this with real candles. Second of all, how smart is this? Float fake ones safely in little cut-outs of pool noodles!

How cute are these string popsicles?

Of course they're pool noodles. Cutting some in half and then in half again will really up your outdoor party game, especially if you have it near a pool.

These pups are super safe now.

They're suited up with pool noodles to keep them safe while they go canoeing! They're not a replacement for true flotation devices for dogs, but they are a cute addition to other puppy safety measures.

This is HILARIOUS to me.

Instead of making one of those tumbler floats by cutting up pool noodles, just stick a bunch under a tray and let it float! I'm on board with this one.

Get witchy with it.

This is absolutely perfect. It takes minimal effort, it's creative as heck, and it's perfect for Halloween! It's also perfect for scaring people away from your house if you put it up at any other time of year.

You do not need to hit up Home Depot for a sprinkler.

Simply head to the dollar store and get a pool noodle! Adding in holes all along it will create a great, fun DIY sprinkler for kids. And also dogs, let's not lie.

Meet: the solution for hail.

Texas style. I hate that I can't fault this — it's pretty damn smart, even if it looks goofy as hell. No cracked windshields are happening in that house, that's for sure.

Stop your pants from creasing.

This is so smart. Dress pants crease easily, especially on plastic hangers. Adding a pool noodle to a hanger will stop creases! And thank goodness, because no one likes ironing.

Make a super cute wall hanging!

I love how creative and fun this is! You can paint up and glue pool noodles in the shape of a rainbow, then attach some fun odds and ends to really boho it up!

Make a DIY drink float.

Sure, you could buy inflatable drink floats. Or you could cut up a pool noodle, paint a fun pattern on it, and then stick your drink in it for next to no money!

Fill in those hidden spaces in your home to stop small objects from disappearing.

This is great for when you empty stuff out of your pockets before washing, because we all know how quickly those small things disappear off of the washing machine.

This is a great parent hack!

Keep a cut pool noodle in the side pocket of your car. If someone parks too close to you or you're in a tight spot, you can get your kids out of the car a lot easier if your car door isn't scraping against something else.

This cactus is adorable.

Listen, if you don't have a green thumb, then you know you have to get creative with adding greenery to your home. This DIY cactus might fit the bill, right?

Never have a boot fold again.

Wrinkles in boots can be a huge pain in the...foot. Anyway. Cutting down a pool noodle and putting it in your tall boots will stop them from flopping over and losing their shape!

Stop water from pooling on canopies.

This is especially great for wedding venues that experience a bit of rain! Use pool noodles to stop the pooling and leaking. Maybe paint the pool noodle, though.