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Gavin Rossdale Says 'The Crumbling Of My Marriage' To Gwen Stefani Was 'Embarrassing'

Celebrity divorces are tough, because not only do you have to go through the hardships of what you thought would be a long-lasting relationship ending, but you have to go through it in the public eye, with society at large making decisions about who may be in the right or the wrong during the process.

Gavin Rossdale, who used to be married to Gwen Stefani, has spoken up about this issue.

Gavin and Gwen got married in 2002, and remained married until 2013.

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The couple had three children together during that time, the oldest of whom is now 14.

Allegedly, their marriage ended when Gwen discovered that Gavin had been cheating on her with their nanny, but neither party has spoken about the truth behind those reports.

In a recent interview, Gavin was asked what his most embarrassing moment was.

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“The gross and lopsided spectre of the crumbling of my marriage," Gavin responded.

Gavin has spoken before about how he felt he had been portrayed as "the bad guy" during his divorce from Gwen.

In 2017, he referred to it as "the worst time of life ever!"

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Gavin said, "Well, if you divorce America’s sweetheart, you’re in trouble. Or rather, if she divorces me. So… I don’t read that stuff, but I know I’ve been portrayed as a bad guy.”

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